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'Tis the Season of Red Carpets

One for each hand[InStyle]
I still haven't seen the actual Golden Globes (I didn't wake up early enough even if my alarm kept ringing and ringing), but I did wake up to see the fashion on the red carpet.

Because last year's Golden Globes weren't exactly in existence, I was so happy that the stars were back to attend the Hollywood Foreign Press's show (after all, one day maybe I'll be part of the HFP!).

And even Anne didn't win -- it really just watch a computer glitch -- it's all good. We'll hopefully see more in the coming months because it's official: Awards Season has begun!

Back in BlackPhotos courtesy of Jezebel; Just Jared
Christina Hendricks (Joan on Mad Men) is just pure love! This girl knows how to work her curves and she looks divine in this corset. Double winner, Kate Winslet looks awesome in her column gown. I feel like this is one of the more wearable by normal girls (like say me) if I were to have a gown made. And boy am I glad Evan Rachel Wood broke up with her boyfriend because she can finally stop ripping off Dita Von Teese and just look great on her own. Love her gown.

Red, White and BluePhotos courtesy of Jezebel; Just Jared
More Mad Men love with Elisabeth Moss looking very un-Peggy- like in this red short dress! Another of my favorites, I so want this copied somehow! She looks so wonderful. At first I thought she was holding her coat and then I realized Eva Mendes had a huge ass ribbon on her hip. It can look towel-ish, but it's grown on me. And Eva can pull it off. Newly blonde, Drew Barrymore may have haters on this dress, but I actually really liked it. It suits Drew and she looks comfortable and happy.

Not Quite NudePhotos courtesy of Jezebel; Just Jared; The Cut
30 Rock's Jane Krakowski dresses to amp up her assets without it being in your-face-Beyonce style. I think she looks super elegant and taller than she is. Or maybe she is tall. Isla Fischer is sooo going to be on the red carpet more often when Shoppaholic hits theaters, but she looks fab as usual in this champagne-ish colored dress. Yes, I still find it hard to believe that Borat is the father of her baby. And Baby V (aka Vanessa Hudgens) looks pretty damn good in this really slinky dress. I swear she looks better covered up.

Rainbow BrightPhotos courtesy of Jezebel; Just Jared; The Cut
Not my favorite dresses, but I just wanted to make a rainbow of colors!!! Because people actually wore color, which I love! There's Eva Longoria in her usual figure hugging red. This girl who I'm not sure of her name (is apparently Madeline Zima) in orange. I like the bottom, but the top looks not as well made.

Freida Pinto (Slumdog Millionaire looks pretty in yellow mustard -- it's close!. Model Alek Wek in green aqua -- which is practically green. And wow her legs go on forever. Anne Hathaway in a dark blue Armani Prive gown. I feel she could have chosen something else.

TV host Maria Menounos in 'indigo' or so I think that's indigo. And finally Miss Golden Globes, Rumer Willis in violet. I like this neck down -- sorry Rumer.

I Ship You!Photos courtesy of Just Jared
Look! Harvey Dent is alive! And so is Rachel Dawes!!! Aaron Eckhart looks mighty fine as he escorts non-lady love Maggie Gyllenhaal (who's dress I actually like!) I swear I don't understand why they killed both of them off. I kept sobbing when I re-watched The Dark Knight! But yay for Heath Ledger!!!

Their hearts will go on. Kate Winslet and Leo Di Caprio share the love on the red carpet. I swear these two should just get together. But they won't. But they love each other and cherish each other and praise each other on the red carpet! So cute.

And the only 'real life' couple here, Zac Efron and Not So Baby V looking very young. You guys have a long way to go. Here's to hoping they actually last.

Of Millionaires and Mad MenPhotos courtesy of InStyle
I still have NOT watched Slumdog, and I promise I will before the Oscars roll around, but really I'm so happy for Danny Boyle and company because everyone's loving the movie and I'm sure I will too.

Mad Men reprezent!!! So The Don Draper didn't bag the award, it's all good, Jon Hamm! I still think you're teh sex! And Betty! I still love you even if I wasn't really loving your dress! Here's to a rocking season 3!!! Hopefully even without Weiner, you'll still make it to the Golden Globes next year.

So if I had to choose a favorite, it would probably be a toss up between Elizabeth Moss's red number and Kate Winslet's gown. It's so hard to choose. I know I didn't include a lot, but these were some of my favorites. There were some misses at the show for me, but let's just focus on the positive. How about you guys? Any favorites on the red carpet?

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