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I Know I Shouldn't, But I Enjoyed It

Give me some Honey -- 2 down/50 to goPhoto courtesy of me
It's been uncharacteristically cold in Manila these past week. I know it's only the second week of January, but I feel like this is how December should have been, if were in Baguio! But no, we're in Manila. I wear a pajamas and a long sleeved top to bed now. It's that cold.

This scares me becuase this only means that summer will be terribly hot. I mean scorching hot that I'll be in and out of the shower throughout the day. Which isn't a terrible thing, but the heat makes things just very uncomfortable. Now a gust of win comes in through my window and I'm literally shivering. This is so weird.


Thanks V!
  • Woke up and found that I received 130587 Vanessa's Holiday Card! It's so adorable and so very down under. Thanks so much dear! It totally made my day and made it feel like the holiday was still extending! I love it. It also made me sort of forget about all the crazy talk that LJ is 'closing' -- not. Not yet at least. Thanks V!

  • Actually woke up before lunch time and was pretty awake enough to watch Mad Men Season 2. Lunch was fabulous. My mom is very much into lamb now, so we had lamb curry which was divine. So much for watching what I eat.

  • Lazed around the rest of the day watching Mad Men. I swear Don Draper is teh sex. Only he can make pink towels look manly. And only he can make me want to be a mistress!!! I hate seeing him and Betty apart, but he deserves it.

  • Had dinner out for my grandma's 84th birthday. We already ate steak out Sunday but she wanted to go out again and so we had another celebration. This totally screws up my 'eat healthier' plan.

  • Watched Revolutionary Road and well that was definitely vying for an Oscar. Not neccessarily my favorite movie, but it was really pretty to look at and it was nice to see Kate and Leo back together.


    My favorite Non-God-Aunt
  • Woke up even 'earlier' (9:50am) which is a good thing. Considering I'm going to need to get back to my 6am wake up call in a few days, I'm going to need all the 'practice' I can get.

  • Finished downloading a few foreign films I wanted to watch, but when it was time to download Gossip Girl, our internet shut off!

  • Actually did some thesis work (tallied surveys -- and the results are good!) and text my thesis partner, Anna. We're finally meeting on Friday. Yes for progress.

  • Headed to my great aunt's house for her birthday/third order final vows celebration and I see our parish priest (who I sort of crush on -- so wrong) chatting up my mom!!! I was so flustered!!! I didn't know what to say.

  • Walked away from that dinner heavier (food was so awesome) but with more 'corporate hand me downs' from my aunt from New York. I love getting cast offs. I'm so not picky.

  • Finally watched The Darjeeling Limited and I have to say I really really liked it. I enjoyed it more than Revolutionary Road and all the shots were amazing. The set design superb. I want to travel to India now.


  • Because PB was feeling like he needed to shop some more, we headed to Shangri-la (cause he apparently hasn't gone there since he arrived). I love shopping with PB just because he's really fun to dress (long and lean).

  • He ended up buying a bunch of stuff again and he kept dividing every purchase by 33 just cause that's the exchange rate for a Singaporean dollar. Oh the joys of living abroad.

  • Had dinner in KFC and wow the chickens looked anemic. Didn't remove anything from their wonderful flavor though. I swear I could live on their chickens for the rest of my life.

  • Caught 90210 and still enjoy this show despite it's wholesome nature. I think I'd be just as happy as the Wilsons if I was exposed to that much sun too.


    Go USTe!
  • Found out that I'm beginning class on Friday instead of the 22nd. Not cool. But I guess the professor was right in rationalizing that we'd finish earlier if we started earlier, so I'm pretty cool with that. Just have to wake up waaaay early again.

  • Had to go to UST for surveying again and because I've never been there before, I left the house really early (3pm) for my 430pm appointment with a college classmate's sister -- far, I know. But the traffic wasn't so bad and though my iPod died on me even before we got out of Commonwealth, I survived.

  • Never been inside UST before so it was pretty cool being the foreigner inside a university. I was able to give out the surveys for thesis and it didn't take so long. And I found my way home! I felt great that I didn't get lost or mugged.

  • Finally got my hands on She & Him's Volume One album. I only had a few songs but now I've got the whole album! God I love Zooey Deschanel. I wish I were that talented.


    At the crypt
  • Met my Spanish 11 Prof and well, I guess he's the exact opposite of my Spanish 10 prof -- but he's nice too. I hope he doesn't expect too much from me because of my previous education, but hey, I guess I gotta work hard.

  • Anna and Ana came over so we could all discuss our thesis and Ana's thesis and I'm sort of excited to produce. I just want to get the paper over and done with.

  • Ana and I ended up watching Step Brothers cause we wanted to laugh and well, it wasn't my favorite comedy (it got a little too out there at times). Also, I wish that we had even just 1/1000000th of their budget to spend our thesis because for a budget like they had, much was to be desired. I know it wasn't supposed to be anything, but it wasn't as good as it could have been.

  • My grandpa, we call him Honey, was exhumed and cremated today and so he was at home with us. We ended up going to mass and saying the rosary. We're bringing his ashes to the osuary on Saturday but he's sleeping over for now.


    Cleaning Out our Plates at Flap JacksPhoto courtesy of me
  • Interred Honey at the crypt in the morning and that felt somewhat sad. I know none of us were alive when he actually died, but transfering him and seeing my dad and grandma get really emotional hit a chord.

  • Had 'brunch' in FlapJacks at the Ayala Techno Hub (again) and I love their food. Or maybe I was just very hungry. We attempted jump shots, except I was in wedges and long pants so it wasn't working. PB joined though, so that counts for something.

  • Finished season 2 of Mad Men and well, I still want to be Don Draper's mistress. I swear that man has a way of making everything work to his advantage. Too bad Matthew Weiner isn't coming back next season, but I'm excited for it, for sure.

  • Found out that Pietro passed Ateneo!!! In fact, his entire class got in! 100% passing rate for Section M. I swear that class is so brilliant. I'm so happy for him. One college down, 3 to go!

    PB can jump really highPhoto courtesy of me


  • I don't know why I still woke up late considering I slept 'pretty early' the night before. Still, I spent my day watching American Idol Season 7 reruns!!! I can't believe Season 8 is just a few days away! I don't know if I'm ready for it.

  • And because Wide Awake updated, I got to read 2 new chapters!!! I'm so addicted to this. Luckily, I've got other fic to keep me busy thanks to Lauren.

  • I ended up tallying the surveys for my thesis again cause we're meeting with our thesis adviser tomorrow. The results are good, but I don't know if they're enough. I just want to shoot already!!!

  • We tried watching Wall-E but our DVD kept skipping! Boo. Instead we ended up watching The Duchess which was so beautiful (the scenery, the costumes and Keira!) but it was soooo sad. I'm so glad I wasn't born back then.

    Only in ManilaPhoto courtesy of me
    Looking forward to next week because of 1) The Golden Globes; 2) New Gossip Girl; 3) New Season of American Idol 4) New 90210. So much to watch!!! Oh and I also have to finish the book I'm reading if I plan on getting any other books done.

    Plus the fact that there are a mere 103 days left 'til graduation. How freaky is that?! This just means it's hustle time -- thesis wise. How about you guys, how was your week?
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