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I'd hate it if they separated
I never thought I'd call myself a "traditionalist," but some things are just better done the 'old school' way. Like say marriage proposals?

I love Twitter. Even if I use it for mostly vague updates. I just can't fathom twitting a marriage proposal! Even if he was the uber geek of my dreams. I'm looking at you, Chuck Bartowski! Then again, "Will You Marry Me" is under 140 characters.

And that's just what happened to two couples when the boyfriends asked the girlfriends if they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with them via a tweet.

Grant Robertson (@grobertson)& Christina Warren (@film_girl)
Imagine if she said no
The Proposal + Her Answer + Even the ring

So both of them write for websites (Downloadsquad & TUAW respectively) and they're manic Twitter updaters, so it was but normal for them to send the message via Blackberry. And now, they'll forever have their engagement preserved over the Internet! Instant documentation!

I'd hate to see what would happen though if @film_girl declined the generous offer. It's horrible enough to get rejected in person, but online, it would just be mortifying! There'd be Digg stories on his rejection! And link upon link of humiliation.

I know this isn't really new. There have been local newscasters proposing to their fellow newscaster/girlfriends live on air. So really, it's just going online now. Except see, the TV thing -- they still do it live (both ways) and in the flesh. With the Internet, it's sent on-line. And boy do I hate to imagine if these tweeting lovebirds ever got into a fight. That's a tweet I don't want to see.

I know asking someone to marry them (whether via interrupting a newscast, online or in person) takes a lot of guts so I shouldn't even be complaining about how I'm asked -- just that someone loved me enough to want to spend forever with me.

Still, I'd rather not have an engagement-twitter-style. Hopefully one day (assuming I do get a proposal), I'd love it in person and with the person I love. Nothing beats face-to-face communication. (Dewey's Dawgz, 2007)

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