Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

With Great Power Comes...

Photo courtesy of Marvel Comics
...Great Exposure?

Barack Obama just keeps getting cooler. How many presidents can say they're part of a comic book? (Actually TWO others can, JFK and FDR) But they didn't get a comic book for his inaugural. As for Obama? Oh yes, he can.

Marvel comics is jumping on the Obama-rama by releasing a special edition Amazing Spider-Man just because Obama said he was a fan.

So can we expect any upside down kisses from Barack to Michelle in the 5-page spread?
In the story, Spider-Man stops the Chameleon from spoiling Obama's swearing-in. At one point, Spider-Man says he mistook Vice President-elect Joe Biden for the Vulture.
All of this for a mere $3.99. This has collectors item all over it. Hello E-Bay!

Obama, Spider-Man on the same comic-book page [USA Today]
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