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Da Vinci is Prouder of Serena's Mammary than Nelly Yuki's Grandad is Proud of His Family

I'm sure most of you die hard Gossip Girl fanatics have seen this video, but I couldn't help but post this 5:30 minute rap video done by these Chuck Bass-inspired white dudes at the steps of the Met. I've been trying to get my brother to watch Gossip Girl with me, but to no avail. If these white boys can love it, maybe he will too.

It's not a LoL-esque video like those SNL digital shorts I love, but if you watch a lot of Gossip Girl, you'll marvel at how many references these boys can make. This makes you wonder if they've watched waaaay more Gossip Girl than you.
  • I wouldn't send our maid's maid's maid's kids to Dalton
  • I could bet you three Dorotas I could make you happy (ep.12 Blair betting Dorota)
  • If I could dine with any person, alive or dead, it would be with you (ep.6 the dean at Yale asked this question!)
  • I'm a common American. Poof! I'm a Duke! Poof! I'm a Shiek! Poof! I'm a fluke (ep.2 Lord Marcus anyone?!)
  • Rufus been making waffles since the early dawn! (isn't he always?!)
  • You can be my plus one at the Vitamin Water party (ep.1 hello tinsley mortimer)
  • I got a closet big enough for Asher Hornsby (season 1 flashback! all about my brother )
  • Never burn down your dreams like Georgina Sparks
  • Nate Archibald's a gigolo for Catherine the Lady. She's got more libido than Agnes got crazy(ep.2 not a gigolo, just a 'high class escort' and who can forget Agnes?!)
  • Da Vinci is Prouder of Serena's Mammary than Nelly Yuki's Grandad is Proud of His Family (enough said)
  • Captain Coke sailing with a Dominican Dominatrix (ep.11 the not so magnificent archibalds perhaps?)
  • A rebel with the keys, call me James Dean Barrabee (who can forget the dean?)
  • Just tell me, G.G., three words eight letters (Chuck/Blair love)
  • The Ostroff Center won't even treat my heartache (Eric! I love you!)
  • Cause everytime you walk away, you run away and take a piece of me with you (RUFUS!!!!!!! I loved Rufus when he sang this to Lily!!!)
  • I swear these boys have spent waaaay too much time watching The Greatest Show of our Time. But really, I can't blame them. Super funny tribute. I know it's 5 and a half minutes, but it was worth the wait. Watch it and reminisce the best show ever.

    Finally, Preppy White Dudes Rapping About Gossip Girl [Daily Intel]
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