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90210 01x12: Hello, Goodbye, Amen

The Real Wilson BoysPhoto courtesy of 90210 Media
I actually missed this show! The sunny nature of the 90210 zip code was seriously lacking this cold December and now I get to have more of my clean, good natured cat fights! This show makes me feel old but I don't care. To think my high school wasn't exactly this boy-populated. Oh I miss this so.

And this week, we discover the 'truth' that we all knew about half-brother of everyone on the show, Sean. I find that this episode had waaaay too little Ethan and absolutely no Navid. That just won't do with me. Still, we do get some Dixon and some singing -- together. Oh yes.

Annie has a hunch about Sean...
And that hunch just so happens to be accompanied by freaky deaky pictures of Sean and his other half sister Naomi frolicking on the beach looking not quite brotherly. I swear when I saw those shots of them together on the beach, I was thinking, this is soooo incest if only he were really her brother.

It doesn't take a class in school for you to know about intuition, Annie. But hey, I guess the writers didn't think their audience was smart enough to know what it meant, so they had to repeat it as a 'voice over' when Annie had her epiphany.

...That Harry doesn't agree with, but Debbie does
Because really, we all knew those mysterious phone calls weren't so innocent. It's called extortion!!! So Sean and the PI were apparently in cahoots to get $200,000 out of the Wilsons and well, Debbie didn't like the idea of the money going somewhere thus her doubts.

Something tells me though that if Sean didn't ask for money, Debbie would go on with her life sort of being supportive of Sean. I mean Tabitha looked suspicious without having to utter a word. That's why I love that woman so much.

Meanwhile, Tracy and Naomi are oblivious to anything
They're too busy buying Sean's love and I can't blame 'em. But Tracy, giving Sean the 200K was not a smart move! And getting it from Charles at that! I was starting to like you and you do this. I guess some things never change.

On the other hand, Naomi! What happened to Ozzie? I know Sean is your 'half brother' but that's not how siblings roll!!! Could Naomi not feel his perviness? Because those pictures she wanted to put on Facebook didn't say sibling fun -- it was very soft porn ish.

And so is Dixon but he's not blind to Christina...
Dixon seems to be happy with everything though. But then again, maybe because he already had his 'i'm-jealous-of-my-new-brother' issues before the season break. Hello new girl though! I kind of like Christina! Sure, I love Dixon/Silver, but Christina seems really cool! And her dad's friends with all these celebrities! Dr. Dre! Kobe! Denzel!

If only they actually showed these celebrities! I was actually thinking, OMG, is Kobe really going to guest star? But no he isn't. Then they mentioned Dr. Dre and I thought, hey maybe they could wrangle him for a cameo right? Nope. Then I heard Denzel and I knew they couldn't do that. So no surprise there.

... Who Silver isn't very fond of
But don't worry Silver. Christina doesn't like Dixon that way. She's lesbian bisexual! She rolls with the hot chick from the hippest Gospel Choir I've ever seen in my life! Chillax everyone. The only reason she invited Dixon over is because she knows he needs a little color in his very white life.

And to add color, Daddy dearest asks Dixon to sing "Amazing Grace!" Hallelujah! I didn't know Dixon could sing. So I actually turned down the volume and prepared for the WORST. But guess what? It wasn't half bad at all. Boy needs to gain more performance skillz, but for someone who isn't supposed to be singing outside the shower, not bad my friend.

And there's no Kelly/Silver bonding because Kelly is busy hating on...
I'm so happy Kelly's back though! I missed the adults!!! But wait, we know an adult that's missing!!! Where on earth is Ryan Matthews?! Is he still on 'break'? Because I need him back. SO what if Brenda slept with him? And so what if he was 'dating' a non-student student, everyone'll get over it! Come back!!!

... Brenda, who has some mysterious illness
But really, Kelly needs to get over her issues with Brenda because we all know Brenda's got some bad news and needs a friend. Come on and be a good friend to her. She can't have a baby! Wait what?! That's the bad news?! I thought Brenda was dying of something. Then again, why would they kill her off in the first season? Who's going to give the nostalgia trips on the 2nd season of this show if Brenda's dead right?

But isn't too busy to support Adrianna on her road to recovery...
So I'm glad that Adrianna's all clean and happy. But where is Navid?!? Why is she going to Kelly and Brenda?! Didn't she hate those authority figures?! I really do miss Navid and it seems like Adrianna does too. But I doubt the virgin of a boyfriend would be thrilled to find out she slept with Hank. Hank who has HIV but didn't give her any of that.

... Only to find out that well, she's gonna need 9 months to get over something else
Instead Hank gave her a baby!!!! Yay! Not really. Apparently, Adrianna slept around a lot when she was using drugs so she doesn't quite know who the baby daddy is. Is there NO OTHER CHARACTER IN THIS SHOW?! Why does all the drama happen to Adrianna!? She was the drug-user, drama queen with a stage mother and had best friend troubles and now Adrianna is now pregnant?!? Why can't they give this storyline to Annie? Oh wait, she's a virgin. Immaculate conception!!!

But wait, didn't Brenda say she couldn't have children and wanted to adopt. And didn't Adrianna say her mom would kill her and she couldn't have this baby cause she was only 16?! Does someone sense an adoption in the future?! I say Brenda takes Adrianna's baby and everything is cleaned up the good old fashioned 90210 way.

This show is getting so absurd which means great. I love how things aren't so perfectly happy and shiny anymore in this zip. Though next week, I need a) MORE Ethan, b) Navid! c) Ryan. Seriously. The boys were lacking in this show and I need them stat.
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