Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Bless Me, Father

God Only KnowsPhoto courtesy of Danny Dail
There's something about the un-get-able that makes it all the more appealing. And the Vatican is cashing in on this. I present to you the Roman Priest Calendar 2009. Not kidding. It's real.

God sure knows how to pick them priests. This so reminds me of the Peggy/Father John non-relationship in Mad Men, but I digress.

Featuring the hottest of the men of the cloth, this calendar is supposedly even approved by the Holy See. These men are priests? That just isn't fair.

Interesting how I stumble upon this now just when I bumped into our parish priest/my guilty crush (I know, so wrong) at my grand aunt's birthday. I don't know why he was there, but I was probably blushing.

But really if this is how the priests look like in the Vatican, count me in for a daily devotion. I'm flying to the Italy now. *Insert New Moon reference here*

Priestly Hotties from the Vatican [ Danny Daily via Pipeline ]
Tags: guilty crushes, religion
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