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Gossip Girl 02x14: In The Realm of the Basses

No Chuckles No!Photo courtesy of Andreas at LJ; Caps courtesy of coloured skies
God I've missed this show. And well, this week, we get the debut of the hottest uncle/but slightly creepy Jack Bass. I don't know where they found this guy, but he sure does look like the younger brother of Bart Bass. It's very Kiki/Haley for me in The O.C. except more perviness.

And of course, we get the token sideline storylines of Jenny/Eric and the bitches; Dan/Serena/Rufus/Lily and their drama and just all around secretiveness to ring in the New Year. Boy am I glad there isn't a strike this year cause baby, we get 11 more episodes. I love it.

Why does Serena dancing in Buenos Aires look so un-Buenos Aires like? Are there no clubs in Buenos Aires? Why does it look like she's dancing in some Evita-esque period piece? And Dan looking at her pictures online, oh brother, someone's not starting the new year right.

Blair's excited to join this Colony Club. What exactly is this Colony Club that she wants to get into in the first place? It's got a cute invitation though. Then again, anything Blair wants to get into (Yale) must be pretty preppy/prissy and high society.

Where in the world is Chuck Bass? I guess he's smoking weed in some Asian country! Love it! Why did I not see him then? Did he not drop by Manila's drug dens??? The real question is, where is Nate?! Everyone got a recap except for Nate!!!

Blair discussing the Colony Club with Dorota! The life without... Dorota: Mr. Chuck? I love how Dorota says it in a whisper. And what?! Are Blair and Jack Bass texting each other for realz?!

Eric is so adorable! Too bad they only use him for foil! Why can't they give him a decent storyline like now?! I want to see him with his boyfriend instead of Jenny. But hey, I'll take anything. I feel bad for Nelly Yuki! I wish she'd just hang out with Jenny -- just Eric. Eric and Nelly should be friends!

Jack Bass really looks like Bart -- it's kind of freaky. So Chuckles was in Bangkok! Dammit! I knew I should have gone there for Christmas. And what language was he speaking to Chuck from outside the limo? I feel bad for Blair though. She looked so hurt as Chuck was pulled out of the limo.

Serena: I broke up with Aaron. And so my dear? Do you expect to get back with Humphrey so soon? There is a reason why things are not working out between the two of you. you just keep getting back together and breaking up and not sorting out your issues.

I swear, Blair needs a new BFF, because Serena does not know her at all. She should know that Blair saying 'I love you' would leave Blair vulnerable especially with Chuck leaving. Oh S. Blair's face when Dan and Serena started becoming sweet in front of her was priceless. Only Blair can make the eww look look hot. Blair: I'm gonna go vomit now

Rufus: I wanna know where my child is. You guys should just get together and get it over with. Lily and Rufus have some serious issues that I don't want to deal with. I liked them when they were happy together -- not fighting.

Wasn't Nelly sort of being treated nice before?! And where is Eric's boyfriend?! Why is he hanging out with Jenny all the time. Jenny: I'm not little J anymore. Penelope, Hazel and Iz need to get a life.

Chuckles smokes in school! Chuck: Hello to you too, lover. Somehow that was so sexy despite him being soooo stoned out. Blair looks horrified, not knowing who Chuck is anymore. I hope he doesn't get kicked out because of this -- drop that joint, boy! Seriously.

Jack Bass is soooo funny! Blair is crazy defending him though. True love, y'al. Chuck looks like he doesn't care anymore. Oh Blair, don't be too hard on yourself. Chuckles doesn't give a shit about anything anymore. Jack: So what kind of suspension are we looking at? He's so resigned to Chuck's faith. Love it.

Blair being the adjudicator between Jenny versus Penelope looked so cute. Penelope, Hazel and Iz looked so cute in their candy colored sweaters. I want one too!!! And Blair really must want to get into the Colony Club. This club better be good. Hazel: Hey, tone down the crazy.

Serena: You're really worried (about Chuck)? Duh! Serena, finally you take a hint! I swear girl you're the worst friend ever!!! Blair really deserves a better best friend and a better posse.

This little hangout of theirs is really cute! I wanna eat there! If it exists for real, I so want to go there and eat whatever it is they're eating!!! I feel like I'm in some candy colored yogurt wonderland. Iz: Should I keep counting? Jenny is going to get in trouble!!!!

Chuck hanging out at Victrola and getting some goods from the girlies is just heartbreaking. Blair needs to stop looking for him. Although I know she loves him, she's only hurting herself. Chuck won't listen to anyone now. Chuck: It's time to let go of your fantasies. Don't crush her, Chuck!!!!

I want to give Blair a big hug!!! I swear Chuck is causing her so much pain. She doesn't need this stress right now. Not when she's trying to get into the Colony Club. Blair looks really good in that beret and black dress. I need that outfit now. So adorable.

Jenny! Don't do this! Why are you using Nelly Yuki's insider information to get back at Penelope and company? You know this isn't going to go anywhere right. You just got back to school, don't mess up right now.

Chuck: That's the problem with an open invitation. Can't keep out the hoi polloi. This guy has the best lines ever!!! Dan finding out that he's not the 'first born Humphrey' could totally destroy Dan's chances with Serena. I swear, these two have too much going against them.

Blair: I frequently feed the ducks in Central Park. The Colony Club looks really prissy and non-interesting. I swear the argyle sweaters are getting to me. They're just annoying! Why would you want to be part of them?! Blair: I thought I was leaving high school behind. I guess you never do. Dorota giving a smirk there is soooo fabulous!!!

Chuck: It was nice having you as my little brother. At least Eric got some kind of closure. He looked so hurt last episode. Chuck and Eric need to bond again! I swear they're too cute with each other.

Whatever Jenny?! Since when were you some moral compass?! And I wonder what Iz did that Jenny didn't even mention!? And what?! Nelly Yuki, I thought you were made of better stuff. This whole Wannabe-Queen B storyline needs to get flushed now. I hate self-righteous Jenny.

I miss Rufus's plaid shirts. I think he got an awful lot of brown clothes over the holidays and it's not working for me. I wish these two would just elope and forget all their problems because they're depressing me.

Blair: Aren't you a little too old to be here? Why is Jack Bass following Blair everywhere?! They barely established this guy and he seems to have some sort of connection with Blair. I know they've been looking for Chuck, but he's scaring me. A little creepy, but he's got Bart's face, I swear. Who knew Eric and Jack were that close?

Chuck singing, drunk on the rooftop for the freaking win!!!! Chuck needs to sing more. Therefore needs to get drunk more. But wait, don't jump Chuckles! Don't freaking jump. I know he won't, but somehow I feel like he could do something damaging.

Chuck: I'm Chuck Bass. No one cares. Blair: I do. Don't you understand? I'll always be here. I don't want you going anywhere. I couldn't bear it. So whatever you want to do with yourself. Please don't do it to me.

Thank god he took her hand! Yay for the hugging! And he said he was sorry and they're okay! This is good! This is perfect!!! Reunited and it feels sooooo good.

Rufus: Son, this isn't your secret to share. Durrr. Dan, believe me, you better stay out of this. If you and Serena break up again over this non-honesty issue, then obviously you weren't meant to be and just give it up. I just want to see who the hell the baby is.

What happened New Years, Blair?! Please don't say that Blair and Jack hooked up? Did Blair murder someone too?! All I hope is that Chuck gets better and just gets back together with Blair. I think there's hope considering he took her hand and got off the ledge. I can't wait for next week's episode.
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