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But That’s Why Birds Do It; Bees Do It; Even Educated Fleas Do It

No need for a 'sex' chip or letting romcoms spoil their love life cause it's true loveJustJared
As I seethe with envy of Reese Witherspoon cuddling up to Jake at the LA Lakers game, I found a bunch of scientific 'studies' (which sound sooo legit) on the very non-scientific subject of love.

I know it's hard to quantify it and all that, but I guess science has been pretty advanced (understatement of the year) that they can pretty much quantify/measure anything now. And well, I guess love is a popular topic.

And though I can't say I've actually experienced it -- the love bit except for non-real crushes (read: Rob) -- no study can stop me from looking forward to falling in love. And the optimist in me is saying because I've waited too long, it'll be fabulous when it comes.

But really, Reese. I'm watching you. Even if you and Jake are looking awfully cute together giggling in your cushy court side seats, don't think the countdown's off. I'm still counting.

(-) Rom-coms 'spoil your love life': No way! Even if there's a study that says watching romcoms will give me unreal expectations about 'real' relationships, I hope I'm smart enough to differentiate real from reel (yeah right). I mean romantic comedies make me happy. And sure they can be a little unrealistic, but if I never actually get into a relationship, then there won't be anything to have unreal expectations about right? And really, these are my movies and no one's taking them away from me *clutches Notting Hill close to heart* [BBC]

(-/+) Bionic 'sex chip' that stimulates pleasure centre in brain developed by scientists: This contraption apparently stimulates pleasure without having to do it. But wait, can't people already do that? (Yes) But wait, this time you don't have to do anything. Great. The lazy get even lazier. But hey, you know that game where they ask you what you'd take with you if you were stuck in a deserted island? This would make the island paradise for sure. [Daily Mail]

(+) Scientists Claim That True Love Exists: Some couples maintain the "excitement" of romance even 20 years into a relationship. Really? Sort of gives me hope for the future. In a way. Now if only we found someone to have the initial sparks of mutual romance with to begin with. Because really if there aren't any sparks to start with, how the hell are you supposed to prove that it'll be there 20 years down the road. But really, on a less pessimist note, scientist or no scientist claim, it's really sweet. [Jezebel]
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