Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

What The F*ck's In Here?

My sister Pamy is very attracted to Gordon Ramsay. At first, I couldn't see the attraction -- he was a foul-mouthed, older chef. But then I'd sit with her and watch his shows (Kitchen Nightmares and Hell's Kitchen) and I was actually starting to see the appeal.

Other than the accent, his bluntness about things just made him really hot. His honesty (bordering on rudeness at times) just makes him seem so much more appealing. Plus he can cook (considering I can only fry an egg, this is a plus). And the food he made looks really good.

So watching this Lil' Gordon Ramsay berate his mom (though a bit disturbing) is actually really hilarious. This kid is so good! He does his impressions spot on and I could imagine this was how Gordon was as a child! The hair and the hand gestures and lines he utters are just so exact. Plus, I love how he's wearing the white chef's top. I'd hate to have him as my son though.

Gordon Ramsaey As A Boy Is Still Scary [Urlesque]
Tags: food, siblings, videos
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