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So Red -- One Down/51 to goPhotos taken by my dad
And the first week of the year is over. 2009 is here already and before I know, I'll blink and the 52 weeks will be over. And so I've decided no matter how mundane, I'll actually try and keep track of what happened this year, because lord knows I forget things waaaaay too easily.

They say that the way you spend the first 12 days of the year is how you'll end up spending the rest of the year. If so, I'm in deep shit. Because I have been nothing but lazy, gluttonous and just all around not useful. Way to go 2009! Let's amp up the lethargy this year.

Thursday // New Years Day

  • After jumping up and down and greeting the new year, we actually sat down and watched our first movie of the year, How to Lose Friends and Alienate People. Loved it! Loved Simon Pegg! Will watch absolutely anything he's in. But really, I was soo tired after that, I think I slept at 4am. So wholesome though. Yay for another very clean 2009.

  • Started the year sort of right, by going to mass at 10am. I actually woke up enough to make it to mass -- albeit arriving during the Gospel. Hey, at least I made it to the Liturgy of the Word! Some people didn't even reach the homily. Just saying.

  • Had lunch with my mom's side of the family over at Project 6 and though we weren't complete (Jeannie was in Singapore), it was still nice to stuff ourselves.

  • While waiting for the rest of the family to arrive, my dad plugged the camera to the television and we watched in very slow motion the gazillion pictures that we had accumulated over the months -- this includes pictures taken for school purposes. I refuse to see another moldy piece of bread in my life.

  • We had to leave sort of early, because we were having dinner with my dad's side of the family. Luk Foo, this Chinese restaurant, that is apparently very popular with the Chinese, was super jampacked. Thank goodness for our reservation.

  • We ordered waaay too much, even if we were a lot (16 people). So there was a lot of leftover. But that didn't mean we didn't stuff ourselves. I was afraid I was going to get a tummy ache, so I got on the treadmill when I got home just to try to salvage the insane amount of eating I did.

  • Also watched Tropic Thunder with the boys while on the treadmill and that was hilarious! I now I understand why Tom Cruise got that nomination. But Jay Baruchel is so much love!!! And the Lance Bass cameo was priceless.


    Mikey in a Box
  • Obviously, because my body clock is too screwed up, I woke up insanely late on the second day of the year -- what an omen of great things to come!

  • Spent most of that day in front of the computer, until I realized that my uncle (Tito Dennis aka my mom's brother) was leaving the next day!!! We had planned on going to another gay bar that evening, but we were car-less, cause my other uncle (Tito Mark aka my dad's brother) had borrowed the car. So that ruled out any bar-hopping. Not that my body could take any more 'partying.'

  • Instead, spent day watching Mikey build forts with the mats and be all around cute. My cousin Mikey is 10 years old but does not look it. He looks at most seven. And he only eats cheese pizza, cereal, and pop corn. I don't know how he will get any taller.

  • After mass (I decided hey, why not throw in as many holy acts while I can) for First Friday, some of us headed over back to Mama Lily's house to bid Tito Dennis goodbye! I hate saying goodbye to him just because it always feels like vacation when he's around and now that he's leaving, well, no more vacation.

  • Finished watching Season 1 of Mad Men and fell asleep in episode 2 of season 2. But that was because it was 3am. My Spanish 11 class at 730am is soooo going to suffer.


  • Thanks to my abnormal sleeping habits, I again woke up past noon and had not seen the sun at all. My little sister, Paola had some of her friends over because they were going to shoot a music video due on Monday. This sort of excited me because I really wanted to help them make a super fab one, but they said they were cool on their own, so I left them.

  • Instead I went to the new SM Annex, that celeni had blogged about here. I was excited to see that mall, but then my little sister calls and asks how to transfer video from the camera to the computer! Ack! They had told me they weren't editing so I left the computer filled with junk, but now that they needed it, I had to transfer files around. I ended up going home and editing the video for her.

  • The video isn't my best work at all, but it sort of made me feel useful. My course is usually looked down on for being an 'easy' course, but I beg to differ. I'm just glad I was of use to my sister in a way.

  • Ended the night, or rather started the morning by watching Cutlass which I admit I only downloaded for Kristen Stewart, but ended up really liking!!! It's such a poignant piece.

  • And because I'm in love with New York City and anything that has to do with it, I took a chance on the pilot of The City with Whitney Port (my favorite part of The Hills). See my thesis partner/super friend Anna is my Lauren Conrad and she adores The Hills. Thus, I found it cute how I liked Whitney and now she gets to star (yes, star -- cause this thing is sooooo scripted) in a spin-off in my absolute favorite city! Can't wait for more of this show.


    Carnivorous ClubPhotos taken by my dad
  • Yay me for being the Church three times this week. I'm trying to reap as many good deeds as I can now. I'm going to need all the blessings when thesis crunch time rolls around.

  • Right after mass we headed to Duo Steak House at Serendra to have lunch for Mamita's birthday (tomorrow). I'm not a steak person, so I got the Surf n Turf which was steak and prawns. I love prawns so this was perfect for me. Then again, I'm no food critic, so I'm really easy to please.

  • And the Fully Booked in Bonifacio HIgh Street is absolute love! I could spend all freaking day there. Too bad I couldn't really go around, because I had to make sure Mikey didn't run off. I know he's ten, but somehow I still think he's a kid. And can you really blame me? Kid looks like a kid.

    School starts tomorrow for my siblings, meaning I should really get back to working. I'll figure out some semblance of a schedule just so that I don't kill myself with work in the end. There's no time for slacking off now. I'm 110 days away from graduation.

    That means thesis should be over. Wow. I should really get to work.

    and one day i'll let you go

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