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It Doesn't Suck

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So everyone else seems to really hate it. And by everyone, I mean a large majority of critics/bloggers all of whom are soooo not in favor of this 'new' Kelly.

And though some of you may not agree with me, I actualy like it. I'm not even Kelly Clarkson's #1 fan, but before all this flack came on, I thought it was cute!

I like the red top she's wearing and though she does seem a tad bit over-photo-shopped (what isn't nowadays?), I like her lollipop (even if I'm not a fan of hearts)! And I'm not going to complain about the font either.

Although I do understand why their coming down so hard on the cover. They all think that because Clarkson's last album didn't do so well (she was 'dark and brooding' on that one and rebelling against the institution that is Clive Davis), this is the 'punishment' she gets. A very Katy-Perry-esque pop treatment!

Kelly's Past Album CoversPhoto courtesy of Amazon
But what's so bad about pop anyway? I guess I'm always going to be a pop fan at heart, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate other types of music. And thus my appreciation for Kelly's single cover. Yes, it's got some phallic undertones and a sexual pun to it, but over-all, I think it's really cute.

And okay, I checked out her older album covers and yeah, this one is the most 'pop' of the three (I blame the colors), but I think it's cuter than her "Thankful" album. "Breakaway" is pretty (I like the alternate cover better) and "My December" is a little too dark for me, but no one ever complained about them.

Oh well, I guess any publicity is good publicity. And Perez Hilton seems to like it. I can't believe we actually sort of agree on something. Wow, 2009. Surprise me much?

What do you think? Has Kelly sold out? Or was she just the unfortunate victim of bully stylist? Or did you, like me, actually like it?

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