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With Your Cherry Lips

I'm Sure KStew Could
I don't eat cherries, but I always did want to learn how to tie a cherry stem with my tongue. Back in high school, I distinctly remember friends showing me just how flexible their tongues were by popping in a cherry stem and it comes out as a knot.

I was like, okay, cool you're talented, but so what? Until they told me that being able to tie the stem with your tongue was a sign that you were in fact, a fantastic kisser. Now who wouldn't want to be a good kisser right? So I tried and tried and well I failed. And I got so frustrated with myself.

In hindsight, I shouldn't have really bothered. Only my high school self probably didn't know that those said kissing skillz wouldn't be utilized for all of high school and well, college too.

But hey, not a bad talent to keep in your arsenal, right? So it was fun to read this 'step-by-step instructional' on how to tie those damn cherry stalks. Apparently, there are a whole lot more online.
1. Select the longest cherry stem you can that has the notch-y bits intact on both ends.
2. In your mouth, use your tongue to bend it once about one-third of the way up the stem. You need one side to be slightly longer than the other. Cross the ends.
3. Flip the stem around, if necessary, so the notches point toward the back of your mouth and the longer half is on the bottom.
4. Using your tongue and the back of your teeth, push the loop part upwards, flipping it as though towards the back of your mouth while pressing it towards your teeth. Use your tongue to push the notch of the longer end through the loop as it is coming back down.
5. Use the notch to secure the longer end in the middle of the loop.
6. Extract it sexily (if possible) from your mouth. Amaze friends and bartenders alike.
Alas, just reading it makes me dizzy. So I guess my kissing skillz are left to their less than fantastic state. Maybe, I should include this in my goals for 2009. Not.Can you tie a cherry stem with your tongue? Tell me and make me feel envious of your skillz.

How To Tie a Cherry Stem iin a Knot with Your Tongue [Jezebel]
That Cherry Has Your Name On It [Read The Chalk; It's Black & White]
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