Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger!

What happens when Michael Phelps races Anderson Cooper (aka my favorite CNN anchor/the Silver Fox) in the swimming pool? Well we all know how this is going to end, but it's just funny because Anderson was allowed all the headstarts just to give him the advantage.

By the way, Michael Phelps HASN'T been working out/training at this rate. I wonder how much worse Anderson would have lost if Michael was at his Olympic best. Then again, despite Phelps 'out of shape' state, he still whipped Anderson. Phelps didn't win eight golds at the Olympics/break all World records for nothing.

Don't worry Anderson, I still think you're the hottest thing on CNN. You make me want to apply my course in if it means having you in my future. Besides Anderson, you still have better taste than Michael when it comes to women men people. I mean really, is there no one else Michael?

Now if I were in the pool with Michael... well let's just say I wouldn't be trying to race him. This video makes me want to get into serious shape. I can barely keep my breath under water, much more swim properly. Let's keep working on our fitness!!!

An Uneven Race [YouTube]
Caroline Pal Fawns over Phelps [Just Jared]
Tags: health, sports
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