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Hello 2009!

Hello 2009!
First of the year!
I'm not really into resolutions, but last year I sort of made a list and surprisingly, I actually got some of it done. The keyword being some. They were all quite simple, so it wasn't really anything, but it's the thought that effort that counts, right? More effort this year.

  • Still save more
    I've got four more months of allowance from my parents and after that, I'm on my own. So I'm not moving out or anything, but I'm no longer going to be getting that monthly blessing from heaven. If i want to make it to the 2012 Olympics, I'll have to really really save better.

  • Actually exercise
    There were actual bits this year that I got off my ass and on the treadmill. This year, let's extend those bits to pieces and maybe I'll get somewhere. I'm not going to fit into any bikinis just yet, but maybe look fab in a one-piece? Yes, let's keep things realistic.

  • Find out what I want to do with my life
    I'm about to graduate and still have no clue what I want to do. And not just with an immediate job after college, but an actual career path in life. I want so many things, but I have no actual plans on how to get these things I want. I know this one sounds ambitious, but one crazy resolution a year right?

  • Really follow 'The Secret'
    I keep preaching the wonders of this secret, I might actually try to follow it and get something great out of it. I'm only going to attract positive things in 2009. No to negativity. Yes to positive vibes! Yes to getting what I want because I will attract it.

    Before 2009 officially starts, can you come do this for me? It doesn't have to be long. I think you've still got a few hours left! It'll totally make my year.



    Any more resolutions I should cram in this year? Maybe we should all do our resolutions together and keep each other in check to make sure we stay on track with our resolutions! Good luck and have fun everyone!

    Hit Me With Your Best Shot 2009!

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