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Age and Inconsistencies

Yesterday, I greeted a good friend of mine a happy birthday. Normal, right? Well, not exactly when that friend of yours happens to be a teacher -- already. That really does make me feel a bit old. Going to the elementary faculty room to look for her was kind of eerie. How can all the teachers fit in that tiny cubicle anyway? Besides that, Ms. Barcela was a bit irked at me, because I forgot to thank her when I asked for Lisa, or Ms. Sobreviñas as I now have to address her.

I thank Ms. Barcela eventually and walk away. The thing is, I haven't been to that part of the school in the longest time. The feeling of my seniority was really kicking in already. The fact that everyone there was younger than me, asides from the teachers of course, I was the queen of the school. Well, at least I'm supposed to be.

Still, I don't feel like it much. I haven't abused my power yet and it wasn't like I was really planning.

I started reviewing for the UPCAT though. It's drawing really near and I have to get in. I just have to. I'll be competing with 60,000 other hopefuls and I can't be confident about it. The chances of getting in are so slim, I'm getting really nervous. The thing is, the reviewers are just boring the crap out of me. Jamie's Expert Guides handouts are just so dull!

Not that I've had any interesting reviewers to begin with, but due to my idleness, I have noticed something about Expert Guides handouts. For one, they have a lot of typographical errors. I'm no hypocrite and I probably have a ton of them in this entry alone, but it never hurt to proofread. They also have a bunch of inconsistencies in their word problems. I'm no perfectionist. I was just a tad confused with the problem.

So much for reviewing, nothing's getting into my head anyway.
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