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The 7 Day Dog Owner

7 Day Dog Owner
Barry and Me
For a week, I actually sort of had a dog. Technically, it wasn't mine. My dad got it for my little sister, but she wasn't exactly into pets -- and really neither am I (nor was my mom), but when I looked at that baby daschund, somehow, something clicked and well, I didn't feel quite as distant as I hoped I would.

In fact, I felt pretty darn close to the dog. Except that I'm sort of allergic to it. Right after cuddling it that first afternoon he arrived in our house, I actually formed some rashes on my arms -- not fun. But it didn't stop me from naming him. Barry (short for Barack -- cause he was born on November 4).

And though I wasn't/still aren't ready/responsible enough to take care of the dog, I sort of looked forward to owning one. I actually had little fantasies in my head where I'd take him to the park and run with him and play -- except in my dreams I wasn't getting rashes everytime I'd hold him.

Plus the drama Barry caused between my parents disagreement over getting him in the first place was just too much to handle. I really hated that it caused such a fuss so close to Christmas that I didn't know what to do. On one hand, it wasn't like I really wanted a dog. On the other hand, now that he was with us, I didn't want to give him up either. But things were too complicated (plus the allergies) so we decided to give him back.

Barry the Best
Gonna miss you Barry
But after 7 days of him at home, I sort of thought we weren't giving him back anymore and I actually grew attached to him. Barry and I watched Gossip Girl together and we'd run outside. Sure it wasn't like a 24/7 thing, far from it, but I was getting used to seeing him at my feet when I entered the kitchen.

And yeah, I had to take a bath right after holding him (he sheds hair) and I had to down a Claritin after each playtime but it was okay. I was getting used to it. But others weren't. My mom still wasn't down with the idea and though the original owner (the dog was meant for Paola) was sort of getting used to Barry, I didn't want to delude myself into believing I was ready to take care of a dog.

So when I finally had to give him back, yeah I cried a bit, but then I realized that at least Barry gets to go to a home where the one who wants to take care of him isn't allergic to him and can give him all the attention and love he needs sans negativity and all that shit.

I guess even for 7 days, Barry proved that if I had to, I could sort of be caring and maternal towards dogs/kids (though they aren't quite the same). I know this post didn't really make any sense, but I guess I just didn't want 2008 to pass that I didn't write about Barry. I'm missing you already Barry.
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