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EK Doesn't Love Me Anymore

Jump at EK!
Spot the Losers --even EK wouldn't let us inPhotos taken by my dad
Christmas always means visitors and this time, we're playing hotel to my second cousin, Chester, who's from California. My dad has been meaning to take the us kids out and so today after mass he announces we're going to Enchanted Kingdom (think very very small scale Disney).

I haven't been there in ages, so obviously I'm psyched. Even if the rides are totally kiddy and non-threatening, I still love that place. So before heading to the South to pick up my other cousins, KC and his brother Mikey, we eat lunch at The Old Spaghetti House in my favorite, The UP-Ayala Techno Hub. Of course, we had to have our obligatory jump shot.

Techno Snobs Jump Part 1
Yes I'm in itPhotos taken by my dad
Unfortunately, only Pamy and I were game to jump this time. But at least I'm finally in the picture!!! My dad brought his camera, so the pictures were better and jump shots were easier to capture. I think I will have jump shots every week in 2009. Or so I hope.
Techno Snobs Jump Part 2
Almost Perfect!Photos taken by my dad
This was right after eating (I had the putanesca and it was so divine), so I was a little afraid that I'd be causing a bout of appendicitis, but I couldn't resist a good jump shot. So I gave my things to my sister and just went all out with my jumps!
Techno Snobs Jump Part 3
My Best Rob Jump HomagePhotos taken by my dad
This is as close as I'll get to Rob's jump shot for the Vanity Fair photo shoot. I will perfect this, I promise. I will practice and make it!

So we finally went our way to Enchanted Kingdom and well, when we get there, the lines are horrendous!!! There are six lines and they're freaking long. It was already 3pm and though the park closed at midnight, a sign said that average cue times would be 2 FREAKING HOURS!!! That's crazy. We'd spend all our time in the lines.
He's 10, that's Mikey
Mikey Is the Sweetest!Photos taken by my dad
So we gave up and instead headed to Market Market to play Laser Tag. I was pretty bummed because I really wanted to go ride roller coasters and get wet, so I passed on the laser tag and instead went with my 10 year old cousin, Mikey to Time Zone -- an arcade.

This guy is pretty good at Skee Ball. And he spent most of his time there. He ended up with 26 tickets and he figured out the 'prizes' he could get with that small amount. He got a fair amount of things. But then the guy told us he had THREE more tickets, and because he's such a sweetheart, he actually points to the HSM 3 calendar worth 2 tickets and tells me he'll get it for me!!!

I was so touched. I'm not very close to Mikey -- I think he's sort of scared of me cause I so desperately want to be close to him -- he's too adorable, that I end up scaring him away, so I was so surprised with his gesture!

I kept harping that everyone should watch HSM 3 in the car on the way to EK, so I guess he picked up on my blatant love for the franchise, though he's still unwilling to watch it. I can't believe my brothers and cousins are so averse to it, by the way.

Anyway, it was nice to hang out with family today even if we weren't able to go to Enchanted Kingdom (as planned), it's still fun to just 'waste time' together.
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