Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

I'm a Pretty Hardcore Sitter Too!

Photo courtesy of The Sun
Lately, hardcore sitting is what I've been doing -- front of the laptop, that is. Preoccupied by reading fanfiction again. searchtheskies you've officially gotten me hooked on Wide Awake and I'm addicted!!!! So I've been catching up on this by just doing some hardcore sitting down and after reading about this boy, now I feel less able.

I love how people overcome their disabilities and sometimes even use it to their advantage. Well Aaron Fotheringham, who's only 16 years old and he just sort of holds the record for the most number of backflips on his wheelchair. Ok, not sort of. He does.

I can't even do backflips on my own two feet and Aaron can do six in succession. He's so good, he holds the World Record for most backflips done on wheelchair. Wow.

He also created the sport called hardcore sitting (which I thought I was pretty good at, I do it all day). But in reality is actually a wheelchair combination of BMX biking and skateboarding. So no, I can't do that either.

His mom is proud of him and his accomplishments obviously. Maybe, if I told my mom what 'hardcore sitting' was all about, she'd be proud of me too. Because really, that's all I do all day. Sit, that is. Watch another teen do a wheelchair backflip -- only once though.

Teen Aaron is wheelie great [The Sun]
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