Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Marky Mark Fanboys for Manny Pacquiao!

Photos courtesy of Just Jared
I'm not a big Mark Wahlberg fan, nor am I a diehard Manny Pacquiao fan (though my dad is a HUGE supporter). But somehow when these two guys get together -- sort of -- I can't help but fangirl!

I've seen Mark Wahlberg twice wearing Manny Pacquiao shirts! The first time, I thought it was just a fluke, but today when I saw him in a limited edition Pacman Knows shirt, I just felt like it couldn't have been coincidence anymore. It's the same shirt that Manny is wearing here.

And really with that damn Twilight whatever remake on the horizon, I'm always looking for more positive Filipino news. And Mark Wahlberg wearing Manny shirts sort of lifts my spirits!

You know what would be cool? Having Charice Pempengco sing the National Anthem at Pacman's next fight . Or having Vanessa Hudgens at a Pacquiao fight... with Zac Efron of course. Because lately, boy has been looking might fine.

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