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Pieces of Me

Stolen from Fen-fen's journal:

What is on my mind:
College. The entrance tests are coming up real quickly and the gravity of it all is finally dawning on me. This is my future and I can't just joke about it. Well, not now at least.

Who is on my mind:
My knight. Not really mine to begin with, as I am not going to be possessive. Just smiling at the fact that there is hope.

Who is in my heart:
My brother. Well, I don't have much of a choice, he's studying beside me. The fact that there's a 75% chance he'll be leaving for Singapore in a few weeks, scares the crap out of me and I really don't know how it'll be without him.

What I'm feeling right now:
Freaking lazy. I will review for the UPCAT. I promise. Didn't I just say that a while ago? Promises really are meant to be broken.

What I'm asking myself:
Who am I? What significant experience has helped define me as a person? Why does Ateneo ask crackpot questions like this?

What I want to do:
Pass UP. Pass Ateneo. Pass UST. Stay alive to see the weekend, hopefully while reviewing for the said tests and at the same time accomplishing all my IWs.

What I'm looking forward to:
Ella Enchanted premiere night this Friday. It's the SCOP's first major project and I'm so proud of them, especially Lee. They've been working their asses off. Besides, I'll be bonding with my little sister, Pao.

What I have to do:
Review for the UPCAT, write my Ateneo essay, do three IW cards, study for a bunch of tests, while managing a healthy social life, and having an occasional admirer on the side. Did I mention I was going to get into shape? The last three are obviously not going to happen.

What I just accomplished today:
I finally finished my Physics IW, and of course, I got through the day. That's a jabongous achievement.

line for the day:
I want you, but I'm not giving in this time.

What I'm afraid of:
Not passing any of the colleges I applied for. Most especially, not getting into the course and college in UP.
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