Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Wii Don't Suck

I'm terrible at any sort of video game. I tried my hand at Sega back in the day and failed at Sonic the Hedgehog. I dabbled in Nintendo and even Mario gave up on me. Now we've got a Wii at home and the computer beats me every time at Wii Tennis. So really, I fail at eye-hand coordination. It's a wonder I can drive properly.

That's why it was interesting to watch this video made by NYT photographer Robbie Cooper on kids as they immerse themselves into the video game playing world. The boy with long black hair is so funny to watch. He's just really really into it.

Maybe I should install a hidden camera in front of our Wii and see how my siblings look while playing. I know I could make a buck out of that.

This is What You Look Like Playing Videogames [Videogum]
Tags: tech, videos
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