Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Don't Know How to Quit You

Photo courtesy of Worth 1000
I usually spend the holidays watching a lot of movies. Though I should be doing schoolwork, I cheat of course. It's time to relax (not that i don't the whole year round). Yesterday, I sort of watched Batman Returns (wow so old school) and The Dark Knight (which is still so fab on repeat).

So it was fun to chance on this Movie Anagram contest. I loved National Treasure so "Nearest to A Urinal" was genius for me. Those guys in the movie kept running around and never peed!

Sure, the others are a little corny or contrived, but there pretty good ones. Try guessing what The Hated Frog, Mad Sniper 3 (is probably the easiest, but really cool too) or Forlorn County Demon are.

What movies do you like to watch over the holidays? And can you think of any good movie title anagrams?

Movie Anagram Contest [Worth 1000]
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