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Still Not Feeling It

thanks melody!
Happy Holidays!
Because that freaking Filipino Twilight shit thing has gotten me all depressed, I am happy to say that something did make me happy today! And it was my holiday card from mellowdee!!!

Not only did it have a card! It had a picture of Rob and cute cutout hearts and stars! I swear this totally made my day!!! Did I mention that there's a picture of Rob in it? I am so happy to say that the Philippine Postal System isn't as sucky as it used to be! Hooray!



Also, if it isn't too much to ask, could you all leave me a message on this meme. It's cool because you get to write to me (in this instance) and I don't get to read it 'till a year later. Very "My Sassy Girl" minus the drama and heartache! So go on and make me happy!!! And if you have your own thread, give me the link and I'll drop by too.

At SM Mega Mall
Nikki, Pamy and Tuding
[1] (Window) Shopping in Mega Mall
I was so lazy to get out of the house today, because a) it was so overcast, it actually started raining. b) I refuse to drive this holiday season. Traffic is terrible and parking is hell. c) Mega Mall is just a mass of humanity converging in this strip of land. Always a headache.

But, I didn't want to pass up time to hang out with Tito Dennis. He's just so fun to shop with, because he opens up your eyes to things you wouldn't really want to try out if you were alone. Pamy needed gold shoes and Nikki needed a shawl, which ended up being a pair of heels.

Really, I wish I had a ton of money with Tito Dennis around because I'm sure my wardrobe would be ten gazillion times better if I went shopping with him. And I saw Joseph at the Atrium! Joseph was so hot as usual. I wish we could have hung out longer.

Bigby's is Love!!!
That Midnight Dream is love
[2] Pigging Out at Max's and Bigby's
We were so hungry after scouring the entire Mega Mall for a proper/appealing blouse for my grandmother that we ended up eating a really early dinner at Max's. I love their chicken. My love for it is equal to my love for KFC and believe me, that's high up there.

But because we saw that the Atrium had a 'new' restaurant called Bigby's (I used to have chocolate cake flown in from Davao), we decided to have desert (two rounds of chocolate cake) at Bigby's and of course, conversation got very interesting.

What I loved about it was that the manager gave us an extra free dessert, "fudgy sensation" because we kept ordering those damn cakes!!! Those cakes by the way, are apparently, close to pretty good sex. I wouldn't know, but my sources tell me so. I definitely recommend everyone eat a slice of the Midnight Dream Cake from Bigby's this holiday season. It's fabulous.

Shotlifting at Promod!
My future LBD
[3] Shotlifting at Promod
Christmastime usually means a windfall of money, but I've been tightening my belt recently so I can't really splurge on anything crazy right now. This means that the pretty dress I saw at Promod isn't going to be mine -- just yet. I told the lady to contact me if it goes on sale, because I am broke.

And because it sort of looks similar to Bella's prom dress, Nikki gave me a very Bella-esque cardigan and I was already wearing sneakers, so for a few minutes I felt like Bella at the prom minus my Edward of course.

Sometimes I do wish I just had a wad of cash in my pocket so that I could buy whatever I want. And then I realize that I'll just never be satisfied. Okay, enough thought-provoking moments.

And so today is already Christmas Eve and I still don't feel it somehow. Maybe later, when I'm all dressed up. Maybe. Sorry for the spam. Blame the Fake Twilight.
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