Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Best Day Ever -- No Really, It Is

Hot damn. Someone's got a lucky streak -- or more. Taylor, a 19 year old contestant on "The Price is Right" celebrated his birthday on the show and well, he got so much more. I can only hope for a day as great as this!

After getting his bid right on the scooter, he proceeds to win a yellow Mustang, an extra $25,000, a trip to Boston, ANOTHER red car and a polyester oversized American Flag. Seriously. It's a 9 minute long video, but worth the load. I feel so incredibly ecstatic for this guy. His luck is just nuts.

Drew Carey seemed to be really happy for this guy too and how could he not? Taylor was the ever-ecstatic contestant who really couldn't believe his luck. Because really, how can anyone have this much good luck. Maybe Taylor should have shared his fortune with these girls. The girl in orange looks like she really needs it.


I hope that you too can have the best day of your life
Even if you're not on the "Price is Right"
Much love and happy holiday to you

Le plus horrible jour de ma vie [Koreus]
Taylor's Day on The Price is Right [YouTube]
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