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A Whole Lotta Kids

They would not fit in a smaller photoPhoto courtesy of Duggar Family Gallery
I have FIVE other siblings and people find us plenty. I guess the Duggars would be considered really really really plenty? I have to admit, coming from a big family does have its perks (like not having to socialize with others at parties, and not look like losers cause you're so plenty, people think you're already socializing). But it's also got its downsides (OBVIOUSLY).

The Duggars are already on their 18th child. Their oldest being 20 and the youngest being a new born baby. And guess what? They're already thinking of a 19th child. I guess they're in a rush to beat the population of China. And get this, they're names all start with the Letter J.

I'm glad I come from a big family, but I wouldn't want to have a really huge one myself. I mean, kids aren't exactly something I dream about. When people ask me, "Don't you want children?" The answer really is NO. I know that people will say, but Patty in the future, you'll want kids. Maybe I will. Maybe I won't. But really, I really can't think of wanting children at all.

It's not even a vain thing. I already look like I'm having a baby half the time, with my gut hanging out. In fact, a lot of pregnant women look really beautiful with their maternal glow all about them. Plus, I've already accepted that I'm never going to be waif thin, so it's not like I don't want to get pregnant cause of the way my body will change.

Some people have that maternal caring gene in them, and I just don't think I have it. Plus, I feel like I'm too selfish to think of anyone else. And children are going to be the priority when you have them. I can't imagine having to think of anyone before myself (wow I'm so self-centered).

And, I tend to be really hard on other people. Imagine how pressured the non-existent kids from the non-future will be. I'll expect them to be smart, kind, pretty, talented and just all around perfect! And what if they aren't!!? I might just end up resenting them! Which would be terrible, because they need to be loved!!!

At my age, my mom was already pregnant with Pamy. It makes me look up to her all the more. I know I'm not cut out for motherhood and my father will just have to deal with the grandchildren-less life. Of course, this is me, the 21-year old cynic talking. I know that I may change my mind one day and everyone will just tell me, "I told you so." But for now, let me bask in my baby-less womb glory.

Duggar Family Already Thinking About 19th Child [People via Jezebel]
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