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That stupid essay

Now I'm really worried about the crazy Ateneo essay. Sir Joey gave us some enlightenment in class today and I think I'm even more confused. He says that significant doesn't have to be big, but hello??? I don't know what to do with myself. Nothing's worth writing about! I have nothing to say. And if I do, then I wouldn't know how to say it for sure.

Are there any significant experiences you have had, or accomplishments you have realized, that have helped to define you as a person?


Who am I to begin with? And what proves who I am? My brother's giving me some helpful tips, but see, I don't know a thing. I'm not even self-actualized yet! How the crap am I supposed to make a half decent essay. My only consolation is knowing that they don't really read everyone's essay. Hopefully, mine will be part of the list they don't have to read because I passed the test.

Not that I really want to get into Ateneo. I'm UP all the way. Still, it never hurt to have a fall back school. It never hurt to pass either. Rejection and I obviously don't mesh too well together. No, I don't go all psychotic, it's just a blow to my very fragile self-esteem.

So much for having a happy senior year. All I ever do is worry about passing this year and making sure I have somewhere decent to go to in the event that I do pass. How am I supposed to live this year up when I don't even have enough energy to last me through the week.

Aaaack! UPCAT is a mere 19 days away! NINETEEN!!! I've got to start reviewing. Yes, this week, I shall start. I promise.
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