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The boys wondering why the line was so long outside All FlipflopsPhoto taken by me
What I love about having PB back in town is that well, we're finally complete. After a year of commenting on his blog, asking him to come home already, he's actually here. Anything else that happens during Christmas is just icing on top, because having my family complete is the cake.

So the fact that Tito Dennis came home too (spending Christmas here after FOREVER) is like having an extra dessert of icecream! And lord knows I love me some icecream!!! If only my Christmas break wasn't so busy with other things that I don't really care for, Christmas would be perfect. But it'll never be, so I'll just have to make do.

And that's exactly what I'm trying to do. While my parents went grocery shopping in Trinoma, the kids picked up Tito Dennis from Mama's house (where we were told to feed him!) and headed to Trinoma too, for non-grocery shopping! Oh yes.

*But before that, while PB and Pietro were at mass, the rest of us finally dropped by the UP-Ayala Techno Hub! I pass that thing every single day on my way to school and I never stepped inside. Well yesterday, we did! Taking jump shots and vain shots by the Christmas balls, it was just fun to finally see the inside/outside of that place. We're so going back to eat there.
First time at the Techno HubPhoto taken by me
One of Tito Dennis's passion in life, is fashion and yesterday, he was imparting wisdom to my brothers (PB/Lex _lexizzle, Pietro veganpunk_ and Pio dudemangiano) and to my cousin Miguel iwantaf3nd3r. Tito gave them a monetary limit with the freedom to shop for whatever it is they wanted! This announcement was done in the middle of the Zara Mens store, which sent the boys in a frenzy. Seriously.

Pio was shocked. Miguel was dumbfounded. Pietro was confused. And of course, PB was elated. I swear I have never seen so many different reactions to money-free shopping from boys. The girls (Pamy jamypye, Nikki caen_le_comte and Paola theloocritic) made the most of the day, by being morally supportive of the boys and their fashion decisions. It was so fun to watch them hover cluelessly over clothes/shoes/accessories.

Lucky for us, we had fashion guru Tito Dennis with us, to knock sense into our clueless heads on what looked good and what would look good on us. After hours of scouring, PB was first of course, with a long sleeved shirt from Springfield. Then Miguel with a hoodie from Zara. Then Pio with a long sleeved shirt from TopMan and of course last but not the least Pietro with khaki pants from the Gap. I have never felt so fulfilled to finish shopping.
We.Can.Fit.Photo taken by Tito Dennis
After a really fulfilling day at the mall, we had to go home and well, because my dad and mom already went ahead, with the groceries, we had to cram EVERYONE into the Corolla. Not an easy feat, but accomplished nevertheless. It was a cramped car ride home with five grown people in the back and Tito Dennis in front.

Let's just say the car would not go past 40kph with the weight it had in the back. If only I could have extended that mornings activities till the evening and to today, things would be so much better. Going around Trinoma with my siblings and Tito was the best time ever. I wish every day of the break could be like yesterday morning.
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