Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

I Wish I Could Fix Things

Who knew one question could have so many different answers?

Asked the simple question, "What do you wish would happen by the end of the day?" people on a New York City street actually gave some interesting responses. From the usual, 'make some money' to the 'make the world a better place,' these New Yorkers (some of them at least) really put some thought behind these.

A man with a mustache said he 'wished for people to communicate in a non-violent way,' which I found particularly profound. The man who wished for 'good health' cause he's got colon cancer really touched me. And well the girl with Wayfarers who wished to 'make a connection with someone today' was pretty neat.

Other than that, the video was pretty well made. It was simple and yet it tugged at some heartstrings. Cause no matter how simple or elaborate or selfish the wishes were, they're very personal and you feel as if you get to know these people a bit more. Now that's a sort of video I'd want to make.

What do you wish to happen by the end of the day?

Location Two >> New York [Fifty People, One Question]

I know I can't fix everything. That's why it's a wish.

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