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The Baby is Now a Lady -- and a Grandmother too!

Look as young as 10 and as old as 60Photo courtesy of Miss At La Playa
I know I'm not really at the age yet of worrying about how 'old' I'm looking, but there are times when I look in the mirror and see that I look so tired (and not very young). Well, Vogue Paris showed me that with a little make up, I can look as old or as young as I want to be.

Style by Vogue Paris's editrix, Carine Roitfeld and make up by the very talented Lisa Butler, an article in the layout in the November issue (I think) shows model Eniko Mihalik from age 10 till 60 and this girl is only in her 20s. So I don't have a retinue of make up artists or photographers at my beck and call, but it's nice to see the progression of a person's face through time.

I'm not too fond of having my picture taken, but it would be nice to see how I'd look in the future if I got this done on me. I wonder if Eniko will look that good when she's 60. For her sake, I hope so.

The magic of make-up, photography and a good model [Miss At La Playa]
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