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Pushing Daisies 02x10: The Norwegians

02x10: The Norwegians
Let Itty Bitty In!Photo courtesy of Pushing Daisies TV
And we're down to THREE more glorious episodes from this wonderful show. I'm still saddened/baffled/angry by their cancellation and I can't believe we're just counting down to the end, when really this show is made of so much freaking love!!!!

And this episode was no exception. We get a funny crew made up of "Norwegians" to solve a case that Emerson refused! And why did he refuse it? Because it'll implicate so many people!!! So we get a lot of guilt trips, a bunch of confessions and things that you can only find out if you're on a 'need-to-know' basis. Well, I need to know why ABC is canceling this show!!!

  • Ned's friend Eugene is really sweet, going to war with Ned!!! Wow!!! Ned ends up in jail?! He didn't kill the guy!!! That's crazy. Poor Ned, no one can bail him out though.

  • Of course Ned would worry about his car first!!! It's really really really bad. Dad-dumped! Thank goodness Chuck is seeing the truth now! I'm so happy that she's seeing the light. Ned isn't at fault.

    Chuck: I just want to hold your hand. Ned: Me too. And of course Emerson doesn't want to be the proxy hand job!!!

  • Olive's dress finally has sleeves! It's winter!!! I feel bad for her though. Her emotional yoyo is just too bad. I hope she doesn't snap again. Emerson: Oh look at that?! A dumb idea has found a friend.

  • Aunt Vivian wants her to find Dwight Dixon!!! We're screwed! An intimate relationship in the Biblical sense!!! Emerson: Dwight ain't missing! He's barking up someone else's tree! Emerson is sooo defensive! I feel bad for Vivian.

  • Orlando Jones as Magnus!!! And he's brought the Norwegians with him!!!! Nils Nilson! Hella Something?!? Poor them though. They look really really funny in their uniforms!!! Their MOTHER!!! It's the best Mobile Lab ever!!! Ned: Run home to your mother! You're not welcome here

  • Olive: I don't need protection. That's what I have longstanding restraining orders for!!! I really wish they'd just tell her about it!!! I mean I feel bad for Olive. They make her Itty Bitty when they want, but won't tell her!

  • Vivian is tired of being a pushover! Everything's on a 'need to know' basis now!!! Olive: I won't tell you, because I don't trust you. OMG. Olive is a rebel now!!! Go find those answers!!! Break those alliances and just go for it! Or not, but I feel bad for her nevertheless.

  • Vivian: Lily, I'm afraid this is going to be a confrontation. These sisters are the best! Oh noes! Vivian thinks that Lily sort of killed Dwight? It's not that Lily wants you to be sad? She's just protecting you!!!

  • Vivian: Congratulations Lily, I know you like to be right. OUCHIES. I feel really really horrible for the sisters now! I hate seeing them in discord! They should be happy together dancing in the water!!!!

  • Ned is just too cute. In his black coat and sneakers and his safe distance from Chuck. I just wish Chuck would get over her father -- I know it's hard to ask, but look who's in front of you! Ned! And he's hurting!!! Love him!!!

  • Olive is part of the Norwegians now! And I love her Daisy barettes!!! She looks really really good in the Norwegian uniform!!! She's a perfect fit for their team!!!! They're going to dig up Chuck and Charles! We're screwed!!!

  • BOTH are empty?! How did Dwight get out of that coffin!? And Chuck! Stop thinking your dad did this to save you! I don't like him. Wow, now Emerson's feeling guilty and they're all feeling guilty. Poor guys. Everyone's blaming themselves now! This is nuts.

  • Ned: I"m sorry Olive. The last thing I wanted to do was shut you out of my life Awww... Okay, taken out of context, that's the sweetest thing ever!!!! Yay! Olive is working deep undercover!!!! I really hope that Olive just guesses things now, because I'd hate for her to be in the dark.

  • Emerson: Looks like you're about to be orphans. Super funny how they're all running after Mother!!! The Norwegians are now orphans!!!!

  • But wait! Mother is faling off the cliff and Ned and Olive are both on a branch all bloodied. Olive: Thank god for my naturaly clingy nature... Why do I feel like a confessional is coming up? And I'm right!!!

  • Olive: I'm sorry you never looked at me the way you looked at Chuck. Ned: I wouldn't say never ACK! Love!!!! This is why I love this show so much! Yes I ship Chuck/Ned like the next Daisy Fan, but the tension between Ned and Olive is undeniable and I feel for Olive so much just because I am always in the loaded half of unrequited love and so is Olive and the fact that Ned actually gives her a little bit of hope here is terrible cause we all know they're not going to die and now Olive's going to live with this hope in her heart when really we all know he's ending up with Chuck!!! WHY!?!?!?!

  • Emerson tying up loose strings with Vivian and making her feel better about Chuck and Charles being gone and that Dwight was the culprit is amazing. Now that's a real PI.

  • Ewwz. I can't believe Chuck's dad really did save Ned. But it probably is. Ned looks so cute with the cold compress to his head! I still feel bad for Olive. Olive didn't kill your Mother!!!!

  • THe Narrator: The PI and the Piemaker find thesmselves in a jam(b). The Norwegians stuck in the door jamb with Ned and Emerson! So adorable!!!

  • Thank god for Chuck's dad, because he's the only one available to do all that Dwight transfering and all that. Vivian and Lily comforting each other is really sweet. I love them when they're happy.

  • Ned's going 'cold turkey?' Oh noes! What happens in the last three episodes?! Did I just say LAST THREE EPISODES!?! What happens now!!! BUT WAIT! THere's more!!! IT wasn't Chuck's dad! IT was Ned's DAD!!!! Holy Smokes!!!!
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