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Last Times Around (Christmas Edition)

last lantern
Last Lantern ParadePhotos taken by me
I don't want to get all nostalgic here, but I just realized that last night's Lantern Parade was actually my last and that well I'm actually going to be having a bunch of 'lasts' as a student in the University.

I attend the Lantern Parade every year (I think) but this was the first year that I actually really really participated in my College's lantern walking and did the entire make noise CMC style. See, our College is small and not so participative, but we usually get away with making a lot of ruckus due to our College's noisy/boisterous image. This leads us to winning awards like, "Most Spirited" and stuff like that.

But this year, thanks to the technical masterclass, Kuya Louie, I really think we stand a chance (or hope we do). Our lantern was quintessentially Mass Comm featuring a Robot with a TV head that would show the live feed from the Lantern Parade itself.

Still, props to Ruth Miguel and her fantastic non-stop stretching of the coverage, doing her man on the street interviews (literally) and just plain entertaining the crowd. When the CMC lantern stopped in front of AS the crowd got so thick, there wasn't any place to pass!!!

And for a few brief moments, I felt like a quasi-celebrity and how they're assaulted by the flashbulbs going off in their faces. Except A) I wasn't feeling as pretty as a celebrity (I was drenched in sweat); B) I didn't have my requisite shades with me (it was already at night, but wow those were hard flashes); C) Where the hell was my gorgeous co-star to walk me down the road? (But wait! celeni was there! She's my gorgeous co-star!) That was crazy.

What was crazier was losing my voice because I was yelling so much! Mass Comm, I felt was NOT noisy enough, so I made as much noise as my body could give out. Believe me, that night I didn't feel the effects of screaming. Today when I woke up. Oh yes, I feel it. I can't talk. Voice posting is out of the question.

When our Lantern was finally in front of Quezon Hall for the presentation, I swear I don't know how I was able to scream and just jump and show the massive crowds how "happy" it is to be in CMC. It was nice to bump into so many people too! Clar (icanseeclarity), Sam (eeliphant) and Kai (kobebeef) were there and fabulous looking in their not-so-inspire-by-RPattz beanies.

Joseph squishtoy and Caloy were also snapping away with their expert cameras in the crowds. Of course, I actually saw Lee (Your comments are here and here) was also there! Basically, I saw a shitload of people that totally made my Lantern Parade experience so much better.

Last MCO Xmas Party
Last MCO Christmas Party (as a resident member)Photos taken by me
After the Lantern, Ruth and I headed to Ana Tan's house in White Plains (she just so happens to be Txyla's neighbor!!!) for the annual MCO Christmas Party. I swear, these parties remind me why I joined this org to begin with. No, it's not because we get smashed (it's so innocent in fact), but because of the people.

I don't know how I managed to stay away from this org because really these people are just so much fun! With games like "blindfolded" Trip to Jerusalem and "find the christmas balls," they were all very IBS, but very fun! And the alumni showed up!!!! Best part ever!

I miss them so much and it was so nice to catch up with them all. Christer and Ynna (I missed you Kimbe, Ely and Con!) and Bev (with Kiel) and Ivy and Reuben and Adie! I swear it's like these people never graduated, except they did cause they're all working now and have dispensable incomes! Too bad I didn't get to go to the 'after-party' at Eastwood, but that was because I was so tired from all the bringing home of friends bit to 'party.'

Still, despite this being my last Christmas party as resident member, I hope I get to attend next years as an alumni/alumna? this time. The org, though I haven't been as active, has been a really big part of my college experience and I owe it to these guys to be supportive in this last stretch despite academic commitments. They We really are happy and shiny people.
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