Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Princess/Popstar In Training

Now that is bad assPhoto courtesy of ni9e
No really, this guy's business card actually DOES say that. And with reason. Apparently, his blog is the TOP search result on Google when you type in the phrase "bad ass mother fucker". I wonder how my business card will look one day.

The real question is, what the hell will I be doing in the future to merit a business card in the first place! If I become a When I become a princess? Will I really need a business card? Won't my tiara just say who I am? Then again, if I become a popstar? I guess my number one song on the Billboard will speak for itself.

Or maybe I'll have so many professions (Tabloid Fodder *slash* TV personality) that my business card would be jampacked with my different areas of 'expertise.' As if. What would you want your card to say? Or if you already have one, show me! I love business cards.

New Bidne$$ Cards Are In... [ni9e]
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