Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Bottoms Up, Ladies!

Photo courtesy of Daily Mail
Feeling the need for a new pair of flip-flops? Just get drunk in the UK, and the police will give you one for free! Seriously.

Women get drunk so often over there (in their stilettos of course) that they can barely walk straight and end up spraining their ankles. OR they just carry their stilettos on their inebriated way home, walking barefoot on the streets.

Apparently, the police are just too disturbed by this horrific sight, that they've used up £30,000 to provide these drunken revelers with FREE flip flops to wear when they're still in a tizzy on their way home.

Now I'm glad that they're looking out for their citizens, but really, I just find this incredibly crazy (or maybe I'm just jealous that these girls get free flip flops for getting drunk). It's like they're 'rewarding' you for being smashed. I'm all for drinking and having fun, but people, know your boundaries.

Oh well, that's what happens when you're swimming in money, I guess. Meanwhile, across the world, children are dying of AIDS. Okay, that's my stab at social commentary. Not.

Police to hand out flip-flops to drunken women in high heels [Telegraph]
Flipping madness! Police offer free flip-flops to binge drinkers [Daily Mail]
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