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Chuck 02x11: Chuck Versus the Santa Claus

Chuck Versus the Santa Claus
Deck the Buy More with lots of bulletsPhoto courtesy of Don't Freak Out
And so we're down to our last Chuck episode (before it's hiatus and return in FEBRUARY!!! So long!!!) of the year and I have to admit, I'm going to miss this show. It's always given me the chuckles to watch it every week and it's just such a treat to see Chuck Bartowski and his many misadventures.

This week was no exception as Chuck and the Buy More crew get taken for hostage inside the Buy More itself! I swear this store has seen so much action, I don't think I would even want to work there. Of course, it's got its bit of nostalgia as always and so we go on to the action that happened at the Buy More

  • Emmett and Big Mike in matching "sweet wheels." I swear these two are the worst bosses in the world and yet the best people to watch. Jacking up prices by 15% is of course Emmett's brilliant idea. Too bad they won't get to sell any merchandise. Big Mike: Sweet wheels. Emmett: Right back at ya dawg! Oh Randy Jackson, I miss you.

  • Chuck inviting to Sarah to the Bartowskis for Christmas. Now that's something I wish we could see. I didn't know Sarah wasn't into Christmas. I know Mr. Burton is a con, but I didn't know he didn't rest Christmas either. Apparently, it was the "Salvation army con job" they did on Christmas. Sweet.

  • Chuck: Christmas at the Bartowskis means eggnog, PJs, a fake gas fireplace and that's right, Twilight zone marathons. I'm not taking no for an answer, Walker. So prepare to be heartwarmed. Count me in Chuck! I wanna spend Christmas the Bartowskis.

  • Why is Chuck NOT wearing a costume?! I can imagine Casey looking really cute in the elf uniforms. And Anna! Wow, girl knows how to vamp up her outfit. I wish Chuck would have joined in the costume fun though.

  • Ned the hostage taker seemed like a really sweet guy. I love how he was so inept and innocent of what the hell he was supposed to do. I love how Lester, Jeff and Anna were also making bets on the car chase. Of course they would.

  • Casey with papercuts all over his hands. Ouchies. I feel bad for John!!! I swear the General is getting on my nerves. Has she ever wrapped presents for a living? I think not! Oh Casey, I'll kiss your wounds away.

  • Big Mike's cousin is in the Police! And he looks like Big Mike! The negotiator is so the typical negotiator with his Pacino voice. I love him.

  • Of course Big Mike and Emmett want the store back open by lunch. As if that's going to happen, but hey, managers can dream right? Emmett running out of the store and promoting the store's sale is so typical. It's so him to do that.

  • Ned shooting Casey in the toe!!! Ouch! Thank god Awesome and Ellie were there! Two doctors working on his now 9 toes. Poor Casey, I swear I feel for this guy.

  • Ned calling his wife to ask what he would demand was actually pretty cute. And I love how Chuck was able to let everyone call their loved ones. Their conversations were so telling. The Awesomes called the Awesomes of course. Casey calling his mom!!! And referring to himself as Johnny Boy!

  • Lester calling a Love hotline. Jeff calling his mom in jail (that explains A LOT). Morgan wanting to talk to Anna, but getting blown off. Big Mike calling his cousin (which should have been used for more pressing police issues).

  • But what took the cake for me was Chuck calling Sarah!!! That was just the sweetest thing ever. And the charm bracelet he gave her. I'm dying here.

  • Sarah: Chuck, I can't take this. This is something real. Something you should give to a real girlfriend. Chuck: I know. Ack. Why are you two so sweet?!? just get together already!!!

  • The negotiator coming in and exchanging himself for two hostages was so convenient. And those two just so happen to be Casey (for medical attention) and Sarah (cause Ned thought Chuck had been nice to him so he'll be nice to Chuck?)?!? Hmm... Something's not right.

  • Chuck not wanting to let Sarah go (for security purposes unbeknownst to everyone though) was hilarious. The Buy More employee that went, "Oh no he didn't." really made me laugh.

  • OH NOES! The negotiator is Fulcrum! Of course he is. And now Chuck has to go with him or he'll let Ned shoot Ellie. Of course, Chuck the ever hero agrees but not without letting Awesome do their plan. I swear Awesome is too awesome. But I prefer him alive.

  • Chuck saying goodbye to Awesome and Ellie made me really sad. I was choking up already. Chuck (to Ellie): Goodbye Ellie. You know how much I love you right?.

  • Awesomes plan is awesome! Except for the fact that Ned knows kung-fu and totally wipes Lester out. I love how Morgan comes out of the snow and blows it on Ned though. Too bad Morgan gets ignored by Anna and instead Lester gets a breast-eyes-view to nurse him back to health. Oh Morgan.

  • So the Fulcrum folk know that Chuck's the Intersect? That's not a good thing. But isn't it a good thing that Sarah killed him?! That way the secret doesn't get out?! Why is Chuck sad then? Because Sarah killed the guy instead of taking him in?! I'm confused.

  • Either way, I wish things would get fixed between Sarah and Chuck. So Sarah didn't tell him she killed the guy instead of taking him in. I guess she didn't want Chuck to worry about the entire Fulcrum knowing he was the Intersect right!?

  • Ellie and Awesome making up. Everyone kissing under the mistletoe except for those under it with Jeff was really sweet. Poor Morgan. I wish he'd looked a bit longer, he'd see that Anna wasn't into it at all. Lester is an ass.

  • Too bad Chuck didn't enjoy the kiss Sarah gave him. Oh Chuck. She's only trying to protect you. Don't take it against her. Pretty please?

  • Morgan: Let me ask you something. What would you do if you see your girlfriend do something so horrific, it's permanently burned into your brain? Chuck: I don't know buddy, but I know exactly what you mean. Oh yeah, more than you know Morgan
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