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Internet >>> Everything Else

  • 46% Of Women Prefer Internet To Sex, Says Intel Survey: Hell yeah. Not that I've tried the latter, but I can't EVER imagine going without the Internet for TWO freaking WEEKS. Rina and I used to joke that the Internet was our boyfriend. Plus we only cool off when there's no DSL. Beat that. [Silicon Alley Insider]

    Not their 1st Kiss[Chicago Tribune]
  • Practicing abstinence, bride and groom have never kissed: Seriously. I know this isn't so uncommon, but it still sort of takes me by surprise that some people have so much self-control. Sure everyone's different, but I'm so excited to be kissed for the first time, that I don't think I could put it off 'til my freaking wedding!!! If I do, I might never get kissed! [Chicago Tribune]

  • Missing GP to return to the UK: If my parents tricked me into visiting them only to find out they duped me so that they could force me to marry someone, I would... well I don't know what the hell I would do. But thank God for the UK's Forced Marriage Act -- yes it actually exists. Snaps for great legislation. [BBC]

  • Mother ‘sold her twins to pay for liposuction’: On the other hand, sucks for Belgium that they've got NO law against the sale of children! Seriously?!?! I'm all for cosmetic surgery, but honey was there NO other source of income? Could you not steal from a bank? Damn, that country needs some laws. [Times Online]

    She Can't Be 16[Sunday Telegraph]
  • Lismore court gives permission for Lucinda Law, 16, to marry Glen Ramsay, 26: The couple didn't realize they were only the SECOND couple ever to get permission from the court to marry before the girl was 18. Guys, when I was 16, I was asking a boy to the prom not marrying him. [Sunday Telegraph]

  • Woman Blinded by Spurned Man Invokes Islamic Retribution: Slap my hand bitches! You know how the saying goes, "an eye for an eye?" In Iran, they sure as hell take that seriously! Ok, so more violence won't right violence, but hey sometimes, to use another cliche, "what goes around, comes around." [Washington Post]
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