Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Text Fail

Photo courtesy of College OTR
The picture at the right is why I always try to look who I'm sending a message to. This has yet to happen to me (I'm crossing my fingers it NEVER does), but the closest I've gotten to this receiving a message that wasn't for me yet sort of about me. It was kind of sweet actually, but another text-fail.

My friend Lee (who refuses to join the Facebook bandwagon) texts me a day before my birthday with the message: Hey guys! Lets go over to Patty's house tomorrow and surprise her?"

Or something along those lines. Sweet really, but fail fail fail. Have you ever missent a text message or gotten a text that wasn't meant for you? I hope it isn't like the one at the right though.

Eight Other Embarrassing Accidental Texts to Dad [College OTR]
Tags: culture, tech
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