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Pushing Daisies: 02x09: The Legend of Merle McQuoddy

02x09: The Legend of Merle McQuoddy
It's Better to Be OlivePhoto courtesy of Pushing Daisies TV
I can't believe we have FOUR freaking episodes left to this amazing series. This week's episode was it's usual confusing plot, but eventually I understood it. The quirky guest stars got me all bungled up on who was with whom and who killed whom, but isn't that why mysteries are so fun to begin with anyway?

So we've got Chuck and her dad and Ned and all the drama that goes with that. And then there's my new favorite non-romantic ship, Emerson and Olive and their matching raincoats! I swear Olive really is my favorite and I'm going to miss this sassy lady so much. I hate you ABC

The case
  • gruesome death much? I love how nora mcquoddy looks like a sunny side up egg
  • Her son Elliott's burying his head in Olive's bossom and then moving to Chuck's was funny
  • The gay boat saving Merle was hilarious. I want to go on a gay cruise.
  • Willy Gherkin from Smiley Realty mentions "The Secret!" This really is my show!!! You have to believe it Willy!!!
  • So they're hiding in the caves?!?
  • Oh look! Merle is the guy from Ron Burgundy! Or so I think!
  • So Nora was hooking up with another man? So what?! Oh noes! It's that guy from the society!
  • So the lighthouse was going to be a water park!?! Wow.
  • Poor Elliott though! Or not!!! I'm really confused now.
  • Augustus has paper mache on his head and there's glitter everywhere!!!
  • Oh so the Augustus guy was sleeping with the ex Mrs Van Der Sloot but then he's really with Nora McQuoddy?!? Wow I'm so confusd, as usual.
  • Yay! Merle and Elliott are okay!!!

    Emerson and Olive
  • i love her raincoats for the crew (olives for hers, cods for emersons and pies for ned!)
  • Dioramas and the notable deaths for notable husbands. WTF? That's a lot of glitter.
  • This friend of Nora's is so mean to Olive about her not having anyone. Poor Olive.
  • Wearing the raincoats is so cute! i love matchy-matchy.
  • Emerson gets reminded of his ex when it rains.
  • Olive throwing herself at Emerson for a chest bump is so cute.
  • Olive's read the ENTIRE Harleuqin library?! I haven't, but one day when I'm bored, I'll probably try. Or not.
  • Annabelle Van Der Sloot: It's better to have loved and lost than be you Mean Girl!!! Olive's made of better stuff! She won't stoop down to you!
  • Candle in the Water! Olive dancing with the guys in yellow was so cute! Two back to back song numbers, I love this show more!!!
  • Emerson's rich! And he shared it with his junior PI in training!
  • She's still in love with Ned!!! Olive: I still burn and yearn for him. And she won't even kill Chuck!!! That's really sweet of Emerson -- offering Olive a place in the PI agency when Pie Boy and Pie Girl get too much!!! That's too sweet!!!

    Ned and Chuck and Chuck's Dad
  • Aunt lily and vivian with the gun and the clown! who knew she was so afraid of them
  • Chuck's dad is evil!!! how can he do this to ned?
  • There's an entire playbook on the rules of the undead. How could charles charles be so mean to Ned?!?!
  • Ned is scared of Chuck's dad -- because Ned is being tortured by Chuck's dad.
  • Chuck and Ned kissing with the cerran wrap in front of them is still so sweet after all these episodes!!! I'm still so in love.
  • Chuck's dad is just pure evil!!!!
  • Their fight scene was so awesome! Who knew Ned was so good at hand-to-hand combat?!?! I love Ned!!! He really is my knight in head to toe black.
  • And I know Chuck loves her dad and misses him, but he has to go.
  • Charles Charles: Not bad for a dead guy, huh? Ned: Don't touch me! He won't Ned. He wants to stay alive!!!
  • I can't believe Chuck would believe her dad over Ned. Believe Ned!!! Ned: He's a big boy, he can handle it Chuck: Well maybe I can.
  • Yes, let Chuck take care of it. I know it hurts you that she doesn't want to work with you, Ned, but it's the only way. I hate him (Chuck's dad at least).
  • This is NOT a freakshow, Mr. Charles!!! Don't fall for this, Chuck!!! I feel bad for Ned. He can never hug Chuck this way.
  • Cake Versus Pie?!?!? Honey, I VOTE FOR PIE!!!
  • Yes Chuck's dad is on a paternal pedestal! Get him down from there! Don't go with your dad Chuck!!! Wow, i'm so selfish.
  • AWWWW. The spoon lands in the Pie Hole. I'm happy again!!!
  • Ned: Then he's a good dad Chuck: And you're a good man
  • OR NOT!!! Mr. Charles chose to expose Ned/!?! I hate him officially.
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