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I'm Very Sensitive, Some Say That's a Plus

I know I'm totally late in this one, but I just finally found a video I could actually embed for posterity's sake. This week while still in Internship, I was able to sneak a peak at SNL's newest digital short. I usually love any digital short, but moreso the ones where singing is involved (Lazy Sunday, Natalie Raps, Dick in a Box (with JT), and of course Iran so Far (feat. Adam Levine and with a cameo from Jake Gyllenhaal!).

Thus, my delight when I saw that last week's episode of SNL finally featured Andy Samberg's other friends (from his comedy group Lonely Island) Akiva Schaffer (who is the cutest thing ever!!!) and Jorma Taccone. Jizz in My Pants is well an homage to something that could happen when your d*ck's in a box. To say this song is not stuck in my head would be a lie, because I've been humming it to myself all week. The lyrics are as usual the stupidest thing ever, but the beat is amazing and it would be a real club beat.

Plus the cameos from Justin Timberlake (again), Molly Sims and Jamie Lynn Sigler are an added bonus. Because really the real stars of this short are the boys from Lonely Island. The faces they make and the way it's been done is crazy. Others say Andy's jumped the shark but really I just think it's a hilarious video once again.

Jizz in My Pants [Youtube]
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