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Chuck 02x10: Chuck Versus the Delorean

2x10 Chuck Versus the Delorean
Daddy's GirlPhoto courtesy of Don't Freak Out
Two things I love: Chuck and heists/con-artists/hustles. That's why this week's episode is made of pure win because it not only introduces us to Sarah's dad, it also shows us the team doing some pretty crazy/failed attempts at conning people.

And back at the Buy More, Anna's back and she wants to move in with Morgan -- that is until Morgan buys a car with the money Awesome lent him for the condominium. All of this added to the fact that there's some Arab bad dude trying to get the team in trouble. Only in Chuck folks!

  • I love how the young Sarah was a con-artist kid! And her dad is the daddy from Talladega Nights! I love that guy. And Sarah and Casey can get personal days but Chuck can't?! Why is that?!

  • Anna's back and they're hooking up at work because Morgan lives with his mom and Anna has three roommates. Awww... Anna wants to move in with Morgan and he totally blew her off. Poor Anna.

  • Chuck stalking Sarah is just hilarious. I love how he always has a menu covering his face. Yes that will really hide you! But Chuck flashed! And he calls the 'considerably older man' a scumbag loser! Jack Burton!!! He's Jenny Burton's dad! This is just priceless. What a way to make a first impression man.

  • And Jack Burton thinks that Sarah/Jenny is working Chuck as a con!!! This is nuts. I love it. Even her dad doesn't know she's a spy! And wow! That's a lot of money!!! And of course the baddie for this episode has somehow gotten connected to them. Oh my.

  • Anytime Awesome and Morgan are together, Morgan does a BIG Man step forward. The tuck-in in season 1, and now moving in! Only Captain Awesome can tell Morgan to grow up and is even willing to lend him money! Are you really sure you know what you're doing?!?! ANd he's sure!!! That's crazy, but hey 12% interest. Go Awesome. Awesome: Welcome to adulthood, Morgan. we've been waiting for you

  • Casey returning DVDs -- wow he actually works! Morgan bidding farewell to his youth and telling Chuck to enjoy every damn minute of it is so funny. Only Morgan, Lester and Jeff would be this crazy over a car -- but not just any car -- it's the "Back to the Future" car!!! Oh noes!!! Morgan bought the car instead of the house!!! THis isn't good.

  • I love how Chuck can totally make Sarah smile a genuine one by just telling her how good she is. And based on the flashback, looks like Sarah did have a hell of a childhood. I'd want to learn to be a con-artist! And a Lichtenstein! I love con terms. I wanna be a con artist! I wanna watch more Hustle!!!

  • Chuck: Maybe we should amp up the PDA to sell it Yes Chuck, you're totally going to get more action by trying to prove that they're a real couple. Oh Bartowski. You're not going to get anywhere. BIGGER OH NOES. Sarah's dragged into this. Why do I feel like Chuck is going to be Mr. Lichtenstein?!

  • And that's right!!! OMG. Mr. Lichtenstein speaks German!!! Or not. And he'll be a dead man by tomorrow if they don't sell the damn building. Yay for grifters though!!!!

  • Awesome is a sweetheart but a little silly for buying the Delorean. Oh noes. Looks like Awesome's in trouble with Ellie! We all know who wears the pants in this family?!

  • Of course the General wants to use Chuck AGAIN. Casey: General, are you asking us to commit fraud? Oh yes honey, she is. Damn all governments are corrupt.

  • Jeff: I'd like to see your face when you emerge form the vaginal canal Seriously, only this guy can pull off lines like this and make it sound hilarious without being too green.

  • Awesome and Anna threatening Morgan together is just superb.

  • Sarah has a team of grifters! And Casey "cop face" is security!!! This is just too cute. I wanna have a grifting team!!!

  • Yay for missions!!! Step 1: evacuation!!! Step 2: Redecorating!!! Jack Burton: Cop face, you're going to use the gift God gave you. your cop face I love it! It's like Hustle meets Chuck!!! Sarah as the receptionist, Jack as the whatever he is and Chuck as Lichtenstein is perfection.!!! I want him!!!

  • OH SHIT. They brought their own interpreter!!! And now they're all tryign to get everyone out. The people are going back up!!! Chuck's accent is hilarious!!!

  • The popping of the champagne is such a Hustler thing to do!!! And he's convinced that Sarah and Chuck are together! But wait, he stole the MONEY!!!! Daddy is eviiiil. Of course.

  • Chuck coming over for breakfast at Sarah's place? That doesn't look like a cover! This thing looks for real. She looks real cute in the morning. I wish I looked like that in the morning. Awww. Chuck's opening up to Sarah about his dad. This is precious. Sarah: That's pretty eloquent for 9am. It is. I heart him.

  • Ooooh Casey's going alone and he's going for the kill!!! Don't kill Sarah's dad!!! I know he's evil, but he's still her dad. Oh shit. Jack's place has been ransacked! Who's behind this?! Ahmad of course!!! This is nuts.

  • Oh wow. Chuck's actually giving Morgan $2500!!! But wait!! The money is with Chuck! Jack's dad actually put the money in Chuck's ATM! Wow. you're a rich man now.

  • Sarah: It's personal. Casey: It's personal. Chuck: It's personal Obviously the running line of the evening. I feel like everyone will be doing their personal thing together since they've all followed each other.

  • The DeMorgan arrives!!! And Chuck has a plan that works -- well sort of. And Casey's proud of him. Cop Face is part of the Treasury!!! This is crazy. It's grift after grift of just plain nuttiness!!

  • Did the baddie actually take the DeMorgan with him?!?! That's the stupidest thing ever. So much for all his back up.

  • Casey is defending Sarah's dad!!! That's the sweetest thing ever, Casey! You've got a heart after all. I'm going to cry. Of course even if Sarah says thanks, Casey won't even acknowledge it. Love it.

  • Anna's doing the living room in 'shabby chic!' I wanna see that house. Don't do it, Morgan! Don't buy another car!!!

  • Awww, she has five minutes left with her dad and she finds out that Chuck loves her. I got really teary when Jack was telling Chuck he trusted him and how he should take care of Sarah. This is making me cry!!! And he gives her his jacket. That's just the most precious thing ever.
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