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Voice Post: Patty La Fanatica Hearts Sir Armando Muy Guapisimo!

This was my John Lloyd Moment
This is ItPhoto taken by not me, but some guy on the set
OMG. Remember how when I met Marcella Megan Young I was totally dumbfounded and starstruck. Well, this morning, any celebrity encounter I've ever had has been BLOWN OUT OF THE WATER. No really. I just met John Lloyd Cruz. I don't know how I'm still able to type like this because I am just beyond speechless it's crazy. But apparently, NOT speechless enough to make a voice post. I'll let that do the talking.
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First things first. I want to thank my brother PB _lexizzle for being such a health nut, he walked to the gym this morning in the rain. Because really boy, if it weren't for you, I would not have gotten off my ass and ran to the church with the crummy camera and a faulty pentel pen and my A Very Special Love DVD in hand if it weren't for you. Thanks for calling me ASAP.

First off, wow I looked terrible. I KNOW I can look way better than this, but what could I do? I just came home from an exam and was already comfy in my ratty clothes and and slippers when PB calls and tells me John Lloyd is just a few feet away from me.

I looked so much better when I met Marcella! This totally was NOT how I was supposed to meet John Lloyd, but hey, I'm not going to complain right?!? I mean, come on. I looked bad, but he looked good and didn't look totally disgusted when he saw me, so all is well.

But really!!! My gut is hanging out in our picture and I totally cropped it out to save myself humiliation. Still, I'm obviously not over the encounter thus the voice post because I just can't type fast enough to write all I have to say. Oh and I must say that Bea Alonso was really nice despite my crazy behavior. I guess they're used to freaky fans.

So back to John Lloyd. Can I just say boy looked really really exhausted. I mean like moments to sleeping exhausted. I was watching him during shooting and he and Bea were really really into it. They were shooting apparently a fight between Betty and Armando (SPOILERS) and Armando mentioning he got fired from his job before he even started. But it was intense.

The lights took forever to set up and the two of them in the car looked really in character. They were supposed to be fighting, so it was pretty somber. Still, it was so fun to watch shooting, considering ABS-CBN has always shot stuff in our church. It's the first time I actually really stayed just because it was Betty La Fea.

But really I've probably repeated myself so many times already in one entry, but it was just so awesome. I still can't believe I'm home and alive to write about it. So it wasn't exactly how I wanted to meet him (preferably in a non-fan manner) but hey I'm not going to be picky. He's going to forget this and I can meet him all over again as a successful non-fan pretty person.

And because I know there are other fangirls out there, I tried not to hog him despite having him sign my DVD, two papers for Marian and Sam and having a picture with me. Apparently after I left, he totally left too. I was the only one with a decent camera there and I was afraid my pictures would disappear again, so I went home right away and uploaded them before ANYTHING happened to them.

And though I wish he were more chatty or more charming, I can't blame him. They've probably been shooting since god knows what time and I already felt so sorry for intruding on his time. Plus, the "stop saying sorry" line -- I'm not even sure if it's from A Very Special Love anymore, but I know it came from a movie of his.

And I could ramble on this more next time, but now I have to rush back to school for an internship meeting, although I would just love to bask in my John Lloyd glow right now. I'm sorry I don't have time to transcribe my voice post. I'm just too giddy right now. Okay, I'm not making any more sense. Stop. Back later

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