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Gossip Girl 02x13: O Brother, Where Bart Thou?

Don't mess with Chuck BassPhoto courtesy of Andreas at LJ; Caps courtesy of coloured skies
FINALLY. After 4 days delay (read: final hours of internship), I am finally in front of the computer and NOT asleep. This makes me even more excited to watch Gossip Girl, because EVERYONE and their moms have been raving about this episode using the words: EPIC, and BEST EVER so I know that this is going to be great.

And yes, I've spoiled myself a thousand times over, but it doesn't remove any excitement for me. Chuck Bass in a Chuck Bass-centric episode can only mean one thing: lots of drama, Bass style. And really, who doesn't want that? I bet Josh Schwartz never knew what kind of a hold Mr. Bass and Ms. Waldorf would have on their audiences. Well, surprise. They've got us hooked.

After a few weeks of so-so episodes (for me), I'm glad Gossip Girl is finally making a bang! This is the Gossip Girl I know and love. What a way to celebrate my last day of internship. They know I love it.

More towers than trump, more bucks than bloomberg. THE PASSING?!?! wait what!!! He's dead already!!! That was fast. Hello Cece! She's here and she's drinking gin for breakfast. I love how the Van Der Woodsen's are so not sad. And well, Lily is soooooooo not sad. She looks so normal!!! It's like this is still a social event for her. Lily, don't make me hate you so soon!!!

Blair's eating with Cyrus!!! So cute!!! Lily SHOULD apparently send a 'thank you note' to the photo editor. Wow, I'm so thankful that they posted a good photo. Cyrus telling Blair to eat more! Perfection! Blair really cares for Chuck. I love how she's really looking out for Chuck. Chuck! Blair loves you so! And she looks so fabulous at it. Love her outfit.

SERENA! you're not wearing THAT to the wake right?!? Ay Dan. Who cares! When was Dan EVER NOT a rock?!?! Why am I feeling so much animosity for them right away??? And Aaron, hello!!! Serena has sooooo many boys no? There's Aaron, there's Dan and she can't pick?!

LILY AND RUFUS TOGETHER?!?!? On the day they're burying Lily. I know they're friends, but we all know that that's not the only they really are! And Lily! Put Bart in the ground first. I know you're being all chummy, but I feel a hidden agenda somewhere there. We're not stupid, Lils! In fairness, she doesn't look like perfection, I guess that's the 'worst' Lily could look while in mourning. Rufus: Lil, I'm waiting for you this time. 6 months, 6 years. Sweet of him, but dude no. Not today.

Chuck looking distraught is the hottest thing ever. This disheveled hair and eyebags and the non-made tie add up to a very very hot Chuck Bass. Seriously. Chuck: Skip the sympathy, this is business. I love how Chuck refers to Lily as BITCH. Yes, the bitch who was in some hospital in Paris.

Whatever Dan!! Dan: Well I got it first. Hello maturity!!! I swear and Serena, why are you sending the same message to both boys!!! And to think Aaron comes before Dan in the phonebook. Dude, Aaron, looks like your contract is over. Oh Eric. Side story? Jonathan isn't your boyfriend but you're looking for him. So sweet.

Blair and Nate making sure people don't see Chuck this way makes me want to give him a hug. Blair: Chuck, do I have to stick my finger down your throat? Nate will hold your hair I love how Nate was totally lost there. I know what you're thinking Nate. And no, Chuck is Blair's not yours.

Chuck accosting Dan was so hot. Serena defending Dan is the stupidest, most selfish thing I've ever seen. Chuck: Don't touch me whore. My family? I don't have a family. Ouchies!!! Kill me now. I feel so terrible for Chuck. Ed Westwick is bringing the acting chops to town. I'm so feeling his pain.

This is such a Van Der Woodsen event. It doesn't feel sad or mourning at all. Nate telling Blair she's being maternal is really nice of Nate. I love how Blair denys it though. Blair: Maternal? No, I'm just spending too much time with Cyrus and I'm turning Jewish. But you are maternal to Chuck, Blair! Don't deny it. You know you love him.

Cyrus wanting to marry Eleanor tomorrow is crazy. The mother-daughter really look alike in that second. WAFAZ Jenny! Jenny: Mick and Bianca, 1971?!? This is NOT the moment for making ammends via a wedding jacket!!! Seriously Jenny. That was so freaking random, I am just so ashamed for her.

Christmas in Buenos Aires with Aaron? Take it Serena! Take it and leave please!!! Serena: But I already bought you a book. Aaron: I'll read it on the plane. Take it Serena please!!! And Cece asking Lily to find out what Chuck knows at the funeral is just beyond crazy. No wonder her daughter is nuts!! And yay! Jonathan!!! Don't break up with Eric!! He needs you now.

Chuck: Disrespecting your marriage... Talk about dying for nothing... His blood is in your hands. Lily and Chuck fighting is love. For some reason, I'm thriving on this drama. Eric: I just lost my step-father. I dont' want to lose my brother too. Chuck: When are you going to get it? We are not related. This really really hurts me. Eric really loved Chuck!!!

Blair: Chuck! Stop! Don't go! Or if you have to leave, let me come with you.
Chuck: I appreciate your concern. .
Blair: No, you don't.You dont' appreciate anything today. But I dont' care. Whatever you're going through, I wanna be there for you.
Chuck: We talked about this. You are not my girlfriend.
Blair: But I am me. And you are you. We're Chuck and Blair. BLair and Chuck. The worst thing you've evr done. The darkest thought you've ever had. I will stand by your through anything.
Chuck: Why would you do that?
Blair: Because I love you.
Chuck:Well tha's too bad.
Seriously!?!? These two just kill me every single time!!! I don't know how the hell they made it through that scene because Blair just told Chuck that she loved him!!! THis is what we've been waiting for and we get it except that Chuck's too far gone to care about anything!!! OUCHIES.

Dan and Serena! Suddenly I'm not really caring about anything or anyone else now. I just want more Chuck and Blair. Dan: Are you asking me to ask you not to go? In fairness, Dan actually makes sense. That's right. Let Serena make the decisions. The most indecisive girl needs to make her own decisions. Props to Dan for being smart.

Cyrus telling Blair he loves her is the sweetest thing ever!!! And Blair opens up to Cyrus!!!! That's just so precious. Blair: Only a masochist could love such a narcisist. I love how Blair hugs Cyrus seeking comofrt. That's just really really sweet.

Cece caught the fish we've all been eating!!! Dur. Lily: I love Rufus. Serena should have seen it coming? Duh. We've all seen this coming. Serena, don't be jealous that Rufus told LIly he wants to be with her while Dan hasn't told you he wants to be with you. Too bad. Now go to Buenos Aires. Finally, she's asking permission to do something. She is a child after all.

Dan with the accent is hilarious. Jenny, stop feeding Dan bullshit!!! This is like episode 2, season 1. I swear. Jenny you already made jacket, no need to play cupid for your brother now!!! And wafaz! Lily and Rufus making plans ALREADY!!! That was super fast. Honey, I'll use the metaphor: Bart's body isn't cold yet.

Chuck has a really pretty money bag. That's all I have to say. Chuck with the fireplace behind him is just golden. The sneering Chuck is just perfection. Lily begging him to not turn away from the people that love him? Who?! Blair is the only one who loves him. Lily doesn't love you Chuck. Or at least I'm not buying it for now. Chuck burning the papers of Lily is just the sweetest thing ever. For all those who think Chuck doesn't have a heart, eat your words. Chuck is so full of heart, he's just afraid to let people in.

Aaron, you must know that the entire time you'll be in Buenos Aires, Serena will be thinking of Dan. Seriously. Don't hope Aaron. And look! Your parents are in love!!! Thank goodness Serena isn't being selfish this time. I so wanted to strangle her in episode 12 when she told her mom that she and Dan were forever when they weren't. If that didn't happen, then Lily would have been with Rufus and Bart wouldn't have to die. Oh wait, let's blame Cece, who stopped Lily. In the end though, it was still Lily who chose to marry Bart when she loved Rufus. Ay.

Dorota at the wedding!!!!! That's just really really sweet. I love how Blair is standing right behind them. I wish Chuck would have been there for though. I feel her pain. She could have had Chuck standing next to her. I wish they could be that couple. I just feel really bad for Blair. All this expression of love and she never gets anything. Dorota loves you, Ms. Blair.

Blair looks so fabulous at the wedding, by the way. The white on her looks amazing. And look, Chuck's come to see her. Chuck looks really dead. The way she threw her arm around Chuck's neck was the hottest/sweetest form of affection these two have done for each other. He looks really in need and Blair is just so loving. Im dying here. I'm really dying here. Finally, Chuck cries and touches Blair.

Cece telling Rufus the truth now is just perfection. I love this old woman's timing. She knows how to manipulate and go nuts. Rufus: I will never be with Lily. Ok Rufus, I know I said I don't want you and Lily to get together, but I meant NOW. Not forever. Don't be the drama king. I'm glad that Rufus knows about the baby boy/girl though.

Aaron: My girl is going to have earplugs and a neck pillow. In fairness, Aaron made me laugh there. This could actually work for me. Wow, Aaron really does care for Serena. I know I'm alone in this, but I really think Aaron could be sort of good for Serena. That is until Josh Schwartz decides to pair Serena and Dan again together and gives Aaron some horrible unplanned excuse to leave the picture.

Chuck and Blair laying next to each other on that bed may be the sweetest/sexiest thing between the two of them and they're not even touching. That's romance folks. I'm so amazingly in love with these people. I can't help it. They can't help it! Get together please!!!

But what hurts me most is how Chuck just leaves Blair there. I know it's totally a Chuck Bass thing to do, but the note telling her: I'm sorry for everything. You deserve much better. Don't come looking for me -- Chuck Nooooooooooooo!!! Please just let him leave for Christmas like last year?! Please let him be back in January!!!
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