Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

68 Down, 32 To Go

Hazel and I are NOT loitering!
As of last Friday, I had already gone through 2/3 of my TV internship and am finally on my last stretch. It feels like forever since I've started, when in fact, it was just 7 days ago (not consecutive though, I don't think I'd make it).

So far, this thing has been a bunch of ups and downs and really, I don't know how to make sense of any of it. From almost breaking down out of sheer exhaustion/frustration -- to freaking elation after the required attendance of First Friday Mass, this internship is one spectrum of emotions.

Last Friday, we were required to alphabetically arrange all the records of every single employee of the News and Public Affairs Department. Let's just say they were so plenty, I had paper cuts on my hands (Cue Jasper Hale reference which Sandy and I did not fail to do).

Thank goodness for Sandy. If she weren't around, who would I play MASH with or squee about Jasper/Edward with when the phone isn't ringing off the hook? Just 32 more hours for me (that's 3.2 days left) and I can bid this thing adios! I will have the best 3.2 days ever (I'm going to start The Secret-ing this now!)
Tags: college friends, college senior
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