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Pushing Daisies 02x08: Comfort Food

I wanna hold your handPhoto courtesy of Pushing Daisies TV
I seriously do NOT understand why ABC is canceling this show. I'm still confused as ever especially after this week's episode. Let's just say I really love it when Olive and Ned get together because unrequited love is my favorite subject. Especially when it's between Olive (who I love to bits) and Ned.

Yes, I love Chuck and Ned together. But I will always love Olive first and so seeing her with a bit of happiness is always a good thing and today we get a bit of hope for Olive, though we all know it's going to be Chuck and Ned still. It doesn't hurt to give Olive a little hope, right? Or not.

  • Why do I feel like this merrymaking of pie baking is going to end badly for Ned? And true enough, this professor of theirs, somehow isn't going to let them bake pie?! But why!!! Why can't they just be happy and eat pie all together?!

  • Chuck's dad is somehow really well preserved. Chuck and Ned telling each other to go first is too cute. Ned and Chuck cuddle with their plastic divider!!! Really really adorable!!! I can't get over it. I want to cuddle with Ned too!!!

  • Aunt Lily is too awesome. The shotgun to Dwight Dixon's next neck and shooting him right off the bat would have been col. Too bad it was a dream!

  • Ned: I like getting busy with you No, Ned. You didn't just say that 'you did it' with Chuck's dad. Their banter is too cute. I wanna see that cook-off, just because it's sure to be another sight for the eyes.

  • Decorative hats!!! Competition!!! Damn Great Pie!!! Olive: I am no longer in an encumbered sexual tension with you. Olive is just too funny!!! The Buffalo and the Colonel are just too cute. He's a fan of the Pie Hole! And so are we!!! I wonder who's going to get killed here.

  • OMG! Chuck's dad is alive and enthusiastic!!! OMG!!! Who the hell died in proximity of them! It was a cemetery. Can her dad even eat honey?!

  • Emerson is such a connoisseur of the fine things. Drinking coffee from the coffee press. Emerson is mad at Chuck, but really sweet to her! He's going to help her - friend help not pay help!!!! That's really sweet of him

  • Olive: I'm going to win that blue ribbon, tie it around her neck and strangle her I love Olive's fighting spirit!!! But wait, the Colonel is dead!!!! And he's been deep fried, extra crispy!!!

  • Olive distracting paramedics with her eyes bleeding!!! Hilarious. The Colonel uses 500 herbs and spices?! They're never going to finish!!! But wait, the secret recipe was in his chest pocket! And he ate a bit of himself. Gross, but funny.

  • Emerson: Less Alive? Nice euphemism, killer! Emerson is such an ass!!! Funny though. I wish Dwight would have died, cause I just remembered that Aunt Lily and Dwight were in the cemetery that night! Please don't let it be Aunt Lily.

  • Olive: When God closes a door, he opens an oven. Yes he does!!! Ned is now an investigator after working with Emerson! I love how he knew how to work Olive there. Olive: I just got all tingly and not just in the nether regions.

  • Yay! Dwight Dixon's dead!!!! Thank goodness. Emerson helping Chuck out is really sweet! But wait, Dwight is alive and alone with Chuck! Emerson come back!!!

  • Aunt Vivian is at the Comfort Food Cook-Off!!! Olive: Like an asexual, androgynous brother and sister! Don't do this to Olive, Vivian!!! She's already trying so hard to get over Ned and then this comes along. Noooooo!!! The Waffle Nazi!!! OMG!

  • Thank goodness, Dwight isn't really alive and it's just Chuck's conscience. I was afraid he'd kill her.

  • Oh noes, Olive is opening up to Ned!!! Ouch. The girl in pink: It's justice o' clock. I'm telling.. The Waffle Nazi doesn't speak German! He speaks English with a German accent! And he's about to work with the Colonel! I'm confused as usual. But really cute kitchens.

  • Aunt Lily: Military salute for Charles. I love Lily's excuse for her trying to kill Dwight. That's just priceless.

  • I knew it! It was the pink lady killing everyone off!!! Or rather sabotaging everyone off. And the guy in the wheelchair is the killer!!! Olive: Your busted, tubby! Leo Burns (so that's his name) is evil!!!

  • Ned on top of Olive and 'thrusting' was just hilarious!!! Olive brought a Plan B of frozen lemon pie!!! Olive running to the table in 30 seconds is really so very Pushing Daisies. That's what I love about this show.

  • Ned: That's sounds delicious an filthy. And the Pie Hole Wins!!! And Olive wears her blue ribbon!!! And Ned gives his hand to Olive!!! Something Chuck can never do!!! Olive looks so elated it's crazy.

  • Eternal Flame!!!! That's my song!!! I used to sing this as a kid all the time!!! Olive really is my favorite character ever!!!

  • And she's singing in front of an oven!!!! with a flame! I love how the firs time she says, "Say my name," Ned comes in says "Chuck." But the second time he comes in and she says, "Say my name," Ned says, "olive." Kill me now.

  • Ned: Sorry to leave you with the mess Olive: I'm used to the mess KILL ME NOW!!!

  • Ned wears Jack Purcells!!! Just like Bella.

  • OMG! Daddy's alive and now Ned knows!!!! OMG OMG OMG.
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