Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Foray into Fiamma

223K 1:07
“I cant believe I can voice post again. I didn't think I could because the LJBot that I kept calling wasn't working, but then it worked now, so yay!

I actually just came home from my thesis partner and friend, Anna's birthday party at Fiamma and well, coming into it, I know I wasn't a 'party person.' I don't drink. And theoretically, I like to dance -- choreographed dances. In practice, I was actually feeling a little awkward and insecure about myself and overdressed, maybe a tad.

It was fun because of the people I was with, but I guess it's just not my thing. But nevertheless, it was a 'dont knock it, 'til you've tried it sort of thing.' And it was just another thing I had to conquer. But for now my foray into Fiamma was, I guess, a sort of success because I was with Sophie, Ana and PB and it was a hilarious time.”

Transcribed by: woodycakes
Tags: birthday, college friends, voice post
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