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Chuck 02x09: Chuck Versus the Sensei

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I have been so tired from internshit Internship (10 hours of my day hearing depressing stories of unempowered women) that by the time I get home, I can barely keep my eyes open to finish any work for Spanish. Thus, the delay in recaps and the lame play by play I am able to muster up with what little brain power I have left.

Still, this doesn't mean I don't enjoy watching the shows. It's just that I'm so exhausted, I can barely think straight and so I would just love to just watch the show without thinking too much. But then the anal side of me is saying, you got into this, suck it up and continue. This is just a bad week, so bear with me. I apologize for the bitchiness. I still love you Chuck Bartowski!

  • Dixon is the Sensei!!! And Casey has a mustache and an 80s haircut!! I love it!!! Before we know it, we'll see Casey's choir boy past! But back to the sensei -- I mean Dixon. First we had Marshall, and now Dixon. When are we getting the Sydney cameo?!

  • And Jill's in the BIG HOUSE -- or she bought a little big house. I love how Chuck still slips when he's around Morgan. He can't help it. So Chuck needs time to sort out his lady feelings? How far he's gone! Before he didn't even have any ladies, and now he's got lady problems! Go Chuck!

  • Did a white ninja just beat Casey down?! Kill that mofo!!! Of course Chuck locks it just in time to lock Casey in and get the ninja out. And btw, Sarah is the hottest girl in a lab gown ever. The long blonde hair isn't working for me. She's got enough nice hair -- she don't need extensions. OMG! The white ninja is his sensei!!!!! Shattered dreamz all around. The sensei's name is Ty Bennett?! That's too normal.

  • Ellie: Two perfect parents who raised three perfect boys! WOODCOMBE?!? Honey and Woody! Woody: Terrible nicknames build character!!! I love them already. They're very awesome. Just like the awesome captain. Dr. Woodcombe looks a lot like Devon it's amazing.

  • Chuck: You're sensei is a bad ass. Of course! Casey can only learn from the best -- even if he's a baddie! I love snarky, pissed off Casey. There's so much sexual tension between him and Chuck, it's nuts. I wasn't paying attention to what exactly the mission was, but I know it's important.

  • Jeff: Commando Wednesdays Lester: That tradition never stopped! I don't even want to know. But Emmett is hilarious for even suggesting an 'Employee of the Month' Award. I happen to love that movie, despite it having Dane Cook, so this should be really interesting.

  • Sarah in that Orange Orange outfit NEVER GETS OLD. She looks so amazing.

  • Morgan deciding to boycott the contest is so hilarious! 'Worst Employee of the Month' Lester: Customers can go service themselves... in the retail sense of the word. I'm sure you've let them service themselves other ways too, Lester. Gross but hilarious.

  • Casey and Chuck fighting is always fun. I love how Chuck tried to be all bad ass about it, but then realizes he may be in trouble and calls Casey back up. Oh Chuck. You can't be that scared right? Casey: Did you hang up on me? Thanks for wasting my time.

  • But he should have been scared. Because Dixon looks awfully scary!!! Sensei: It is the reddest of all hues. I love how Morgan is totally NOT servicing the sensei. And still Morgan thinks he's awesome. Only Morgan can face a bad guy and idolize him.

  • Chuck: I'm a little tall for something like this. Is there another seating option?

  • The Awesomes registering at the Buy More!!! I'm so amazed at Ellie's patience. Lester is nuts. The Captain's raised eyebrows actually scared him? Then again, Awesome could totally crush Lester with his butt cheeks.

  • Casey looking demented while driving towards the Sensei is priceless. He looked crazed! Oh noes! The Sensei is using this little guilt trip of sorts. And he wants to get Casey as a student again?! I'm so happy that Casey is no traitor. No Casey, you are good enough! Don't let him get to you.

  • General! Don't make Casey feel like such a doofus! Don't pull him off the case! There is no mess, General! Why are you such a bitch?! I feel terrible for Casey now.

  • Casey: If my primary objective wasn't to protect you, I'd kill you. Beware Chuckles. Casey's on a war path.

  • Sarah's so standing up for Casey. I love him to bits. Sarah: Chuck you're so sweet. yes he is. Chuck: Aren't you supposed to be combat ready at all times? Ahem. Yes, and she's got feelings for you too.

  • Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber! Emmet for the win forever! I know he's annoying, but he's so funny! Jeff has a date with his laundry on Saturdays!!! Now they're bribing customers and being extra nice to customers. Gotta love a little competition. Of course Jeff would overreact.

  • Casey begging Chuck to help him out. So sweet. Casey: I started training under Bennett when I was 23 years old. So how old is Casey is exactly? Of course Casey was only using these little feelings talk to get Chuck down there. Chuckles is too gullible. Casey: Now intersect, flash! This is so S&M. And he handcuffs Chuck?! Definitely the Master. Chuck is the slave. I can feel slash shippers rejoicing everywhere.

  • Chuck struggling against the handcuffs is precious. Trying to string his iPhone towards him is so creative. Wow Sarah is hot in anything. And hot and cold! That's a fun game! Except Sarah didn't have to do much. She's brilliant.

  • Ellie isn't in contact with her dad? Isn't he dead?! Or was that just me? Oh noes. I feel bad for Ellie. At least Devon sort of stood up for her. Sort of. Now it's the breaking point. I wanna give her a hug!!!

  • Chuck: Those seven years of McGyver finally paid off! Chuck freeing himself with the stuff under the sink was so very McGyver indeed! Chuck: I was waiting in the car, I swear. In fairness, Chuck really was. Except that he was driving into trouble.

  • Chuck: Eye of the Tiger baby. Casey: Shut up Chuck. Those better not be Casey's last words to Chuckles. Come on Casey! You can beat your sensei!!! Chuck giving Casey notes on what to do is too funny though. I hate seeing Casey get hit. I want to give him a hug.

  • Chuck: You feel all warm and mushy about me. You love me, John Casey So all it took was for Chuck to show Casey that he wasn't a softy! He didn't have a calm center. He had an angry center. Yes he does.

  • The Employee of the Month is... Skip Johnson! Wow he has a name?! And he gets a bonus gift! A 65' flat screen TV. Wow. Beat that boys.

  • Casey: Thank you NO TWO words have ever been sweeter. Seriously. John Casey is so much love.

  • I hope Chuck walks Ellie down the aisle. That would be the sweetest thing ever. But wait, their father isn't dead! And he has a telephone number! Do I sense a return of Mr. Bartowski?! Chuck is the sweetest for doing this for Ellie. I'm so touched.

    All in all it was another fun episode. I wish there was more Sarah/Chuck moments but I guess because it was a Casey-centric one, we couldn't have too many sweet moments. Still, Casey is hella entertaining and I don't mind seeing more of him stat.
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