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Gossip Girl 02x12: It's a Wonderful Lie

Dan wants Serena (and her girls) backPhoto courtesy of Andreas at LJ; Caps courtesy of coloured skies
Gossip Girl is finally back for me. I actually really enjoyed this episode. Maybe it was the two week lack of it? Or was it the Blair/Chuck interaction? I guess absence does make the heart grow fonder, at least for Gossip Girl and me.

Maybe both, but I really think Dorota did it for me. She's just the sweetest person on this show ever and she's so dedicated to her Ms. Blair. There's talk that she'll have her own spin-off web series. I'm so watching that. I want more Dorota and I want it now.

And finally, we get some Chuck/Blair action that's hinting towards something romantic -- like perhaps a reunion at this said Snowflake Ball? I love how Chuck is giving Blair advice on who to bring to the Ball, pointing out all the bad points of all the boys who had apparently asked Blair out. I love how Blair has a clipboard and checklist for everything.

I thought Serena was going to give Dan the book! I was prepared for her to say, 'it's for you!' But apparently, it's for the OTHER artsy boy in her life, Aaron. But he's too good for these UES Snowflake events, instead he's hanging out with his ex Lexie. Why does this not sound like a good idea? But wait, Dan's going to the Snowflake Ball. Dan, the social pariah. And now they're both not going with someone so they're going stag together. That's convenient.

Jenny and Vanessa talking about Nate! Awkward much? I swear I want these girls in a catfight a la Blair and Serena in New Haven Can Wait but that would be giving these two people too much attention perhaps?! I just wish they'd both be honest with each other. But where's the fun in no drama, right?

Is her name Melody? Penelope! Thanks celeni I sort of forgot already. But hey, she wants to commission a J Humphrey original? Really?! Penelope: Oh hello weird documentary girl. Vanessa: Goodbye Blair wannabe. So Penelope wants to ask Nate to the ball just cause his name is on the social rebound? I wonder how that'll fly with the Queen B.

Rufus helping Lily out with the Snowflake ball thanks to his vast knowledge of speakers. I swear how convenient is it that Bart is 'messing up' so that Lily will fall into Rufus's arms. Someone wants Rufus bad. I hope Rufus sees through this. I know Rufus is her 'true love' or whatevs but she's gone through husbands like shirts. Not that I'm hating on them. I love them. Lily: If you do, save me a dance

Bart fired the PI and no more snooping and more control!!! He's sorry!!! LILY WHAT IS ENOUGH?! He's not Rufus. He can change, he wants to. Let him!!! I really feel bad, because I really really like Bart. I know he's tough on his kids and heartless at times, but I just feel he's unexplored. I want Bart to live and be happy!!! With Lily! They just got married just last season and now kaput?! Lesson learned: Once the old white guy marries the hot mom in any Josh Schwartz series, he will be killed off.

Lexie the ex is soooo opinionated. Love it. She's a little annoying, but nothing like a girl to get Serena annoyed. I love how Serena is so very affected when Lexie is with Aaron and when she's with Dan too. Lexie is taking things personal and she's getting along with Dan. And she thinks Dan's funny. I smell a double date in the near future!!! In the book though, Lexie was that druggie friend of Nate's in rehab. But let's get creative, right?

Nate and Vanessa kissing!!! ANd he's asking her to the Snowflake ball. Wow Vanessa kisses Ne and gets Ed in real life. how lucky! But really, though I like N/V, I'm sort of pissed at V for doing that to J and for some reason I also liked N/J -- despite the age difference, so I'm really confused now on who to side with. But for now I'm on Team J, this girl needs to win somehow.

V and J have a little showdown at the loft thanks to the omnipresent Gossip GIrl. Lying and seeing Nate behind her back. Yes, despicable, V. You should be very ashamed of yourself. But not without saying a few mean things to each other of course. Jenny: Are you really that desperate? Vanessa: Are you really that jealous? OMG. V is a megabitch. All for the manwhore.

Chuck PLAYS THE PIANO!!!! WHAT IN THE WORLD!!! My brain just stopped and cannot process anything anymore. What is up with boys who play the piano (Hello Edward). In fairness, Blair looked so sexy walking in there. And the wager? If Blair wins, she gets Chuck's limo for a month (does that include sleeping with him in the backseat?)! And if Chuck wins? He gets Dorota for a month? Don't give Dorota away! Chuck: By the way, I take my breakfast in bed!!!

Walking tour of Brooklyn. How very Dan Humphrey. Ew. Is it just me or is everyone trying to pretend like everything's peach keen when everyone's feeling the most awkward love quadrangle?! Lexie practically invited herself to the ball!!! WTF. Lexie likes to sleep with guys on the first date. Duh. I swear Lexie should just jump Dan in front of Serena to get this over with. Maybe she can get Aaron to tape it for his installations.

Chuck giving marriage advice to Bart Bass. You know he loves you Bart. Don't hate on him. And his dad knowing that Chuck gave the combination to Eric. Ouch. Last conversation ever together? I can't believe this is how they're going to end things for the father-son devils. No way. I'm already hurting inside. No hug? Or a pat on the back? Why Josh Schwartz?! Chuck is just a boy!!!

The mean girls and Jenny plotting an evil plan against V (Kati/Iz, Hazel and Penelope?) With a see through dress at that? I sort of love it, but sort of feel it's lame. Oh wait, Blair came up with the scheming before. Maybe that's why it's so very high school now. But wait, they are in highschool. Love it. I swear these girls need more screen time. They're hilarious in a non-funny way. I'm laughing at them, not with them.

I love how Blair knows Chuck's 'wafer thin soul'. Of course you would, honey. He's only opened himself up to you. Feel lucky. And news flash. S and A have not slept together!!! Blair: He's hot and you like him! seems like a good enough reason for Blair. I wonder why S is being a prude now. Meanwhile Dan's taking a ride on the Lexie coaster. But the winner of the night is Dorota!!! DOROTA JOINED FACEBOOK AND A FEW GROUPS!!! Only Blair would ask Dorota to find Chuck a date. Blair never does anything alone.

Vanessa: You're going to kill me and put me in a garment bag? Yes V, that's a brilliant idea, I'll go see if I can find the bag in Extra bitch. Go Jenny. Kill that mofo with a see through dress?!? But wait, V looks really good in that dress. Can she not see that it's see through? And good for Jenny for looking cleaner now. I hope she doesn't get all guilty with the V thing, but knowing J, she will. They're too nice.

D and S seem to constantly talking now. I see you're in too good terms. Is this the road to rekindling the romance?! I really feel it is. For more complications in the future of course. As of now, Aaron is but a guest star, so obviously that'll fizzle too. Serena: I wanna thank you properly... later tonight AHEM. Aaron looks happy.

Lily's waiting for Bart for the Snowflake ball?! And he's at a meeting with Andrew?!? Oh noes. Some things never change. Btw, Lily looks fabulous. That white dress on her, is like a throwback to her farce of a wedding marriage to Mr. Bass. But the red lips look very I-want-you-Rufus-take-me-now so we all know how this night is going to end.

The Snowflake ball looks like the first party in season 1, episode 1. And look, it's Olympic gold medalist, Natasia Lukin! That was her cameo!!! Tinsley and the Hearst chick got it better. Heck even Cyndi Lauper got it better, but hey I'll forgive. She did win a gold. And Justine?! Looks like Blair's double!!!! But Chuck's date for Blair looks exactly like him -- and therefore is creepy on so many levels!!! Beta Bass meets the new Blair that hopefully has features of the old model!!!! Oh yes, good times.

Lexie and Dan dancing is soooo awkward. DAN + DANCING is awkward. Dan doing anything is awkward. He should stop swaying and just stand still and brood. He's better at that. So funny. And well, I guess Serena doesn't pick a guy based on his dancing abilities because Aaron dancing is bad too.

RUFUS AND LILY! A Why why why?!!!? Don't cheat on your soon to be dead husband!!!! She's leaving him!!!! Your marriage didn't last a season honey! That's an all time low! Are you trying to break records?!? WAFAZ!!!! Like mother like daughter -- this isn't the best example for Serena.

The exes are reuniting?! Dan and Serena keep eyeing each other, I wish they'd get over it and regret the make up sex. LIke father like son? How funny now that they're getting along, they might actually be step siblings soon. Dan: Sex is meaningful especially if i havent had it in a long time. Dude, S is soooo not over you.

Oh wow. Don't get guilty J. V has never felt this way about anyone?! What was that with Dan. In fairness, V is coming clean. I feel for her. Nice snowflakefalling effect though. Mean Girls are btiches and well their pranks sort of worked. And wow J caves in quickly. At least she's honest with Nate. I'm confused. I don't know who to side with anymore. Just end this triangle!!! I'm kind of sick of it already.

Little Blair and Little Chuck even sound like Blair and Chuck. Blair: Even our dopplegangers can work it out, but we can't?! Truer words have never been spoken. You kids need to kiss and make up then kiss some more because I need some Chair action stat!!!

Rufus with his legs crossed. So Dr. Phil. Rufus is still in love with Lily. Obviously. Lily, you're still married to Bart. Don't mess this up. I know you both love each other, but there's still that little marriage contract you all signed last March at your Palace wedding? He could sue you for cheating on him -- or not if he's buried six feet under. Okay ,do whatever you want.

Chuck: (to Bart) Lily's at the ball wtih Rufus Humphrey. Oh noes!!! See, at first Bart wanted a clean break, but it looks like he's back to his old ways. Lily, you brought this upon yourself. Feel the guilt for life! Chuck: (to Lily) You've been good for him. Good for us. You owe him a conversation. Chuckles loves his papa. I swear I wish Bart knew that.

N and V getting back together? Nate: You're the one I want to be with. Since when?! Since Jenny rejected you?! I swear this boy is a playah and one day Nate's going to get major karma. Why can't they just kill the Captain off? Well at least that's fixed. Poor Little J. You never win, honey. Get used to it. And so the mean girls gang up on J. Is this J's return to school?!?!?!?!?!?!

Chuck: Dance with me. Blair: What's the point? We're never going to be them. It's not for us. Chuck: Maybe, but I wouldn't change us. Not if it meant losing what we have Chuck: What do we have Chuck? Chuck: Tonight. Shut up and dance with me. OMG OMG OMG OMG. HONEYS JUST GET TOGETHER!!!!!!!! THE LOOKS you guys are giving each other is the look of love. Succumb!

Dan and Lexie! Aaron and Serena. Where are their limos? Why is eveyrone taking cabs now?! Am I really on the UES? Because I don't feel like it right now. Serena and Dan should just shut up and get together already. Dan adding that it was meaningful. The greatest time of my life. really made me laugh. I'm sure Dan. It was the only time in your life.

But the "bomb" of the episode! WAFAZ! What happened! Why is Lily!? Does she know?!?! Is Bart going to die?! He's in an accident! Where's Charles! I wish she would have told Chuck instead of Serena, because then the dance between him and Blair would have been awkwardly cut! Oh noes. Poor Chuckles. What happens to him next week?!
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