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48 Down, 52 to Go

Not So Starstruck
First things first. For some reason, my camera with a bunch of pictures I took from my Twilight marathon on opening day with caen_le_comte magically disappeared from my camera. I did not delete them or even touch that camera since I took the pics, but now they're gone. I was bummed, but it's not like I can do anything anymore. Lesson learned: upload right away.

Thus, today I uploaded photos from my mobile phone. Before going to internship last Friday, I saw a series of posters along AS all stating a bunch of interesting statistics. I thought the one on the upper part of the photo was fab. I know I'm not alone, but somehow being alone with 68.4% of the rest of UP students doesn't make me feel any less alone.

And we definitely weren't alone during our internship today. On Marian Rivera watch, Day 5 -- still no Marian Rivera, but we did see Mike Enriquez (in the co-op store), Pia Guanio (rushing to do Chika Minute), and at right is Mark Herras (of Starstruck/Jennelyn Mercado fame).

I actually didn't want to have my photo taken with him, but because Sandy wanted to, I sucked it up and took one of myself too. Sandy says he smells really good. I didn't notice -- I was barely paying attention to him. Maybe because it was 6pm and we had just gotten scolded by our other boss for not participating in the decorating of the lobby (because we were doing boss given by our other boss). But I wasn't particularly in a fangirl mode. And believe me, even Mark Herras, I will fangirl for. But not today.

I have to give him props for being such a sport despite my lack of enthusiasm. I really wasn't in the mood and yet we had to go back and ask him again because Sandy's first picture with him was dark. The second was blurry and well, the third one's a charm.

I'm getting really exhausted, coming home from internship at nearly 9pm every night. And though I'm excited for Gossip Girl (hello real life couple), I'm so sleepy, I might not make it to the download's finish. So I guess that will have to wait till tomorrow -- along with Chuck. Wow, I can't believe I'm falling 'behind' on tv shows. If this is a preview of work life, I don't want to graduate -- in a way.

Nearly halfway done through internship. I really can't wait. For some reason, the hours are just drifting by so slowly. Luckily, we 'wasted time' these past few days by being required to be studio audience on Mel and Joey and having to 'help decorate' the 2nd floor lobby. I never thought I'd appreciate doing something.

Belated happy birthday to my brother Pietro and happy happy birthday to my BC soul sister, Sophie! And advanced happy birthday to my sister, Paola.
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