Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Sanz The Pounds!!!

Photo courtesy of Huffington Post
I have absolutely no more excuses. If Horatio Sanz (of SNL fame) can do it, then I absolutely can too -- except for the fact that men are known to lose weight 'easier' than women, but really, I'm in no place to make excuses before I even start.

In a year, Horatio lost 100 pounds by eating better and exercising. Hey, that doesn't sound so bad? Except that I just ate a slice of the most divine chocolate cake a while ago and am looking forward to more ice cream tonight. Why?!?!

Not that I want to lose 100 lbs (there'd be very little left of me if I lose that much weight). So really how hard can a few-ish pounds be right? Well not that easy. I keep writing about how I want to be healthy, but never get around to doing so.

Good luck to me though. December is all about parties and food and this will be the true test of 'staying healthy.' In fact today, I had cake, pizza, Burger King, ramen, and a Krispy Kreme donut. Not a great start. If only I can stay away from all those pastries and desserts (cause Christmas ham isn't really the enemy). If Horatio can, maybe I can too.

Horation Sanz Fat [via Huffington Post]
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