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Pushing Daisies 02x07: Robbing Hood

I'm Going to Miss Them So MuchPhoto courtesy of Pushing Daisies TV
Last week's news of cancellation really depressed the hell out of me. I thought I would be able to look forward to a third season of my weekly visual treat that is Pushing Daisies. Alas, I find out, I can't even get more episodes from this season.

What really sucks is the 13th episode (and the last one) also happens to be a cliffhanger, so we'll be left wondering what the hell happens to our beloved Pie Maker and his quirky friends. For now, I'll just enjoy the last 6 episodes of my little TV gem that ABC so stupidly cancelled.

  • Bilbo and Aqbar as pet names? Only on Pushing Daisies!!! Ned is such a sweetheart for bringing them back to life. I love how the glass cases were taped right back up. Yes that can really happen.

  • I wanna go stress baking! Or stress eating meaning Paola can stress-bake for me! Aunt Vivian and Dwight are dating!!! Olive's specialty is gossip!!! I love her even more! I love how Lily is 'suspicious of new liaisons.' Aunt Lily is soooo guilty on this one! I wanna see how far she can spit!

  • Gustav made an automized yarn roller?! Wow that's nifty. Mr. Hoffer has a chandelier I love how the chandelier started sparking when he was re-killed. Chuck looks really cute in that yellow jacket and she's the smartest of the bunch!

  • The worst widow ever! Elise doesn't look crushed at all. She's such a ditz! 'Celebrating' Gustav's death/life in his funeral! Gotta love the blatant suspect, Elise. I doubt it's her though. They all have alibis!!! Now I'm curious as to who did this.

  • "Obro Pro Vox" I wonder what that means?

  • Chuck: It's a kind of raffle... Emerson:... of the porno variety! Am I the only one who doesn't know what a key party is?!

  • Ned loves Chuck too much to make her go through her father's death. That's what I'm going to miss about this show. They're chemistry is crazy.

  • "The Bellman's Charity Headquarters!" I swear that leader has guilty written all over him. The stuff this show comes up with is just so absurdly different. That's what makes it the best! "Shift change!" The bellman does look 'suspect-ish!'

  • Vivian really loves Chuck and I feel sad that she's feeling guilty for letting Chuck take the 'pleasure cruise.' Don't blame yourself Vivian! It's not your fault. Oh noes! Dwight sees Chuck's picture!!! And he's definitely seen it before!!! Nooooo!!!

  • The lawyer is crazy! I love how he doesn't have an indoor voice, or a outdoor patio voice. His voice is large empty field size! Double the fee for the will? Hell I want to join in! And so does Olive!!! A sting! Let's do a sting! Olive is love

  • Olive as Mrs. Carville! That telemarketer looks guilty as ever, but Olive really owns the Mrs. Carville role! I love this woman so much!! She's going to build a GLUE factory!

  • She has a telephone can to eavesdrop on her aunt! That is crafty! She's the type of girl who thanks her 8-year old self too!!!

  • Vivian and Lily's banter with each other are just hilarious. There were so many funny lines I couldn't remember them all, but these sisters are so funny. Again, why ABC?! Why?

  • Olive: They say photosensitivity is a sign of rabies! The bickering is too much fun! These aunts are just the best! No wonder Chuck is like this.

  • I knew it! It was the Robin Hood Leader! I love how he has a Robin Hood hat on his head! But he's a good guy? And he says, 'the facts were these!' This show is so meta! Robin Hood is such a nice robber! Why am I feeling for him?

  • Ned: I have no counter space. I'm stress baking in my head! I should do this. Or just get Paola to bake then stress-eat! I want more pie!

  • The bellman and the wife are petting! Emerson: Hello motive! I've missed you. Staking out has never been so fruitful! Olive getting stuck with Dwight and warning him with Chuck's photo outs so many people!!! Oh noes! Olive knows Chuck is dead!

  • I'm such an Olive! She stress binges too!!! Why are they canceling this show? I need my Olive Snook so much!!!

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